Weekly news recap (+ a couple quick reviews)

Long time, no post! Monsterpalooza was a blast, making new friends and getting to meet a few of my favorite artists, especially getting a commission from Keita Amemiya. Apologies for this terrible photo of Amemiya and Mizuho Yoshida where you can’t see either of their faces:

Being out in the LA area, I took advantage of the limited releases they get to check out a couple of films. First, Colossal was a pretty solid little indy flick about giant monsters and the irresponsible alcoholics who can control them. The usher who introduced the film made a rather grievous faux pas by claiming this was “the first kaiju movie written by somebody with a brain”, but crappy hipster fans aside the movie was entertaining enough. Not sure if it’s quite good enough to justify buying one of those expensive statues, though.

Also, Your Name, best known for making several gazillion yen and *still* playing in Japanese movies theaters, is actually really, really good. It reminds me a bit of older pictures like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Exchange Students, but also taps into some of the same contemporary Japanese angst that drove Shin Godzilla‘s success. It kept me on the edge of my seat, so if you haven’t gotten to check it out, do so (the other members of the Maser Patrol crew echo the sentiment; Amanda’s even read the novel).

I also saw Shallow Water… meh, that’s outside this blog’s scope. But, one thing that’s hit this week is in scope: the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix. On top of Reptillicus, they’re also riffing on Yongary and The Beast of Hollow Mountain, and they’re nailing it.

On top of the likes of Atom the Beginning, Kamen Rider Amazons season 2, Attack on Titan season 2, and more… it’s a busy time for a TV watcher. Anyway, on to the news of the week:

  • A trailer for Masaaki Yuasa’s Lu Over the Wall, full of mermaid-y drama:

  • Another Fullmetal Alchemist trailer:

  • A teaser for Tokyo Ghoul:

  • If nothing else, the new Hollywood Ghost in the Shell movie has inspired Production IG to make a new anime. (For the record, our thoughts on the live-action film generally ranged from “meh” to “okay” to “alright”, though it really should have tried to either do its own thing entirely or be a shot-for-shot remake, not both….I don’t think there was quite enough enthusiasm there for a podcast review.)
  • Kaiju Sakaba has a crossover promotion with the Yuichi Fukuda superhero comedy TV series Super Salaryman Mr. Sanae (based on the Fujiko Fujio manga). Read here for more details.

  • Nigh-forgotten 70s super robot shows Ginguiser, Daiapolon, Blocker Corps, and Mechander Robo are getting re-released in Japan, along with a promotional project Miracle Robot Force crossing them all over.

  • Seiun Award nominees were announced; I bet either Shin Godzilla or Your Name takes the prize, but it’s cool to see Concrete Revolutio nominated, and I guess I should check out Kuromukuro. Erased might take the comic category, but we’ll see.
  • Carranger isn’t even out yet, but Shout just announced Megaranger hitting August 15! Things are speeding up, and I’m along for this ride!

  • Discotek just license rescued Midnight Eye Goku (good stuff) and Psybuster (not so much), and got the rights to underrated super robot show Dancouga!

  • There’s apparently a King Kong TV series in the works from Bye Bye Man director Stacey Title. With both the show on Netflix and the film series, I’ve got to wonder where that will fit in.
  • Here’s a cute Cartoon Network short about the pressures facing kaiju children in predominantly human school districts:

  • Well, this cracked me up:

That’s a wrap for the news, as always, leave a comment if there’s a glaring omission. Seeya later!


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