Weekly news recap: Ultraman Geed, plus panel announcements!

Time for the news recap of the week!

  • The big thing this week is the reveal (through toy catalogs, of course) of Ultraman Geed (we’d all been assuming is was “Zeed” or “Xead”, but Geed it says), from this July’s new show.
    Our weird-looking hero is the son of Ultraman Belial… he sort of reminds me of Chaiyo’s Ultraman Elite, though, doesn’t he?

    Anyway, Geed’s gimmick appears to continue Orb’s by fusing disparate Ultramen together to gain new forms. Not only that, but classic kaiju will also be fusing:

Is it cynical that I suspect we’re only getting a new Zandrias because she was in Kaiju Girls?

  • Ultraman Neos is starting on Toku in May. Unlike the other shows they’ve aired, Neos has never been on Crunchyroll, so this is the first legit English version of the show.

Speaking of US broadcasts, TV Japan is airing Kamen Rider Wizard. My understanding is that that’s not subtitled, though, and I don’t feel like shelling out $25 per month to try it out.

  • Shin Godzilla is getting an English-subtitled home video release through Madman in Australia, hitting July 19th. Looks like it’s got behind the scenes stuff, which is more than I’d expect from the Funimation release. It also comes out April 22 in Hong Kong.
  • Gun Calibur has a limited Blu Ray release (100 units) up for purchase now. Or, VHS.

  • Seven Seas licensed ToLOVEru. The manga is a major hit in Japan, but it’s understandable that it hasn’t come stateside, being a Shonen Jump title that flies in the face of the much more wholesome image that Viz has built for the brand. As a service-heavy monster girl property, though, it’s right up Seven Seas’ alley. It’s a divisive manga, even in my own mind: on one hand it has great art and callbacks to Black Cat, on the other it shamelessly steals from Urusei Yatsura and borders on pornography in the most literal sense of the word.

  • Kiyotaka Taguchi is now listed as a guest on the G-Fest website. Between him and Shinji Higuchi, we’re pretty much gathering the best living special effects technicians who work in tokusatsu. Speaking of which….

We may just have a panel or two at that con; stop by Friday July 14th for “Anime for Kaiju Fans”, and Sunday for a repeat of last year’s “All Manga Attack” (or, just watch last year’s on youtube).

But that’s not all! There’s also “Godzilla vs. Anime” on Saturday, May 20th at Anime Central. There’ll be a little overlap with the talks, but since they’re for different crowds they won’t quite be the same; for example the ACen talk will be exclusively Godzilla/Gamera and go into production background, while the G-Fest one will have more unconventional titles like Dragon Dentist and Dinosaur War Izenborg. (Comprehensive from Kyoju Wakusei to Kaiju Wakusei!)

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