Weekly news recap: it’s all monsters this time

Everything that caught our eye this week was monster-related, varying from kaiju to vampires to the evil dead. Let’s get to it!

  • After last week’s round of toy catalog solicitations, now we have videos for Ultraman Geed. We also now know that Geed’s human form will be Riku Asakura, played by the 16 year-old Tatsuomi Hamada. Based on the character’s outfit, I think we can assume we’ve got another case of the hero not being in a science patrol team, though weirder things have happened age-wise (e.g. Hoshino in the original show). Oh, BTW: Koichi Sakamoto will be directing the series, and it’s written by horror novelist Otsuichi (Zoo, Goth).

  • The board game Smash Up has an expansion coming titled “Big in Japan”.

  • My inner Dance Dance Revolution aficionado is already addicted to free-to-play rhythm game Super Kaiju Dunk City.

  • Sion Sono’s Amazon Prime series Tokyo Vampire Hotel looks pretty awesome. Seriously, when are we going to get some of the Japanese Amazon shows brought over?

  • Here’s a trailer for the live-action Ajin movie. Or, should I say “Demi-Human”?

  • Bloody Muscle Bodybuilder in Hell, AKA Japanese Evil Dead, is out on home video in the UK now. It’s a very long time coming, so I might have to import it soon.

  • Yusaku Kitano, author of the surreal scifi novel Mr. Turtle, has a new monster novel out in Japan, descriptively titled Daikaijuuki, or “Daikaiju Chronicle”.

  • I wasn’t paying close attention to the latest Digital Manga kickstarter campaign, for Wonder 3, even though it is one of Osamu Tezuka’s sci-fi manga classics and all. Good news, it was funded, but it also had a bunch of reward titles, including Ambassador Magma, Metamorphose, and Say Hello to Bookila! Hopefully these will be available in some other format later, since the campaign is closed now.

That’s a wrap for this week; please leave a comment if we left anything out!

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