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Maser Patrol podcast episode 29: “Godzilla vs. Anime” at Anime Central

For those who missed the “Godzilla vs. Anime” panel at Anime Central, here’s a handy upload. A couple slips of the tongue: At one point I say that The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms had done well in Japan; I meant … Continue reading

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News recap: “Kaiju Club” show, Toku teases more Ultraman

We’ve got to start on a downer this week, lamenting the passing of Yoshimitsu Banno. In addition to his work with the likes of Kurosawa, Banno’s Godzilla vs Hedorah remains a game-changing standout in the Godzilla franchise that was never … Continue reading

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Quick news recap: Some disks to buy

It’s a slow news week. Here’s a trailer for the Satria Heroes: Revenge of Darkness¬†crossover movie, since I missed it earlier: Oh, and the Godzilla vs. Kong release date in 2020 moved by one week. Other than that, it’s a … Continue reading

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