Two-week news recap: Seven Seas on a roll, Ultraman Neos MV,

There wasn’t a weekly news recap last weekend due to ACen (though we got that panel up), so we’re playing catch-up this week. There wasn’t as much cool industry news at the con as there was last year, but I did learn:

  • Contrary to previous reports, Funimation does not have the Parasyte duology license.
  • Somebody has the US license to Kodoku Meatball Machine. (Incidentally, Midori-Impuls just announced that and The Ninja War of Torakage for German release.)
  • In case you somehow missed it, the North American street date for Shin Godzilla is August 1.

On to other stuff:

  • Seven Seas has upped the ante again with a batch of manga licenses for stuff that we never would have imagined coming stateside.
    This includes Go Nagai’s original Devilman, a seminal work that’s been long-neglected stateside (though it was released in Japan in a long out-of-print English bilingual edition) – it’s compulsary reading for manga fans, and will also inform Seven Seas’ releases of Devilman G, and (their related new license) Devilman vs. Hades.
    Similarly, with their impending release of Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage, they picked up Leiji Matsumoto’s original Captain Harlock.
    Despite Americans’ general disinterest in the Saint Seiya franchise, they picked up the female (*gasp*)-lead spinoff Saintia Sho, presumably because it has an anime version in the works… how’s that going to work if most of the audience here doesn’t know the source material?
    And on that note, the most awesomely unexpected acquisition: the Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphic Project!!! I mentioned that this could be a possibility in the past, but I still sort of can’t believe it. Then again, Viz is somehow getting their Ultraman manga into stores without much perplexity.
    Lastly, they got a post-apocalyptic slice-of-life manga about a girl and her giant spider, Giant Spider and Me.

  • Speaking of Saint Seiya, a live-action Hollywood version is in production. Honestly, I don’t know why they’d bother with an English-version; they should cut out the middleman and film in Spanish or Portuguese.
  • Taiwanese band Mayday has a music video featuring Ultraman Neos:

  • The Kaiju Club website has a trailer now, which is good seeing as it starts next week.

  • Kyuranger‘s 18th episode will have Gavan and Dekaranger show up, to promote the Space Squad movie. The Kikaider episode of Kamen Rider Gaim was better than the actual movie, so this could be great.

  • Based on this trailer for Noboru Iguchi’s Ghost Squad, I assume at this point his scripts are just getting written through some sort of Mad Libs generator.

  • Mamoru Hosoda has announced his next film will be titled Mirai, and has a theme of family (big surprise there). It’s about a four-year-old boy time traveling and seeing his parents/siblings across different time periods.
  • Figuarts is planning a figure of Dan Morobashi, which is cool (despite all of the Anne Yuri figures I’ve acquired, I haven’t ever gotten a Dan). Hopefully this leads to other Ultras in human form, but since the Takeshi Hongo figure they showed off last year never got released, I won’t hold my breath.

  • Science Patrol cosplay uniforms could be yours for the low price of 12800 yen.
  • A trailer for Netflix’s Castlevania, starting July 7. The trailer is determined to remind you it’s based on a video game:

  • Speaking of Netflix, a trailer for Joon Ho Bong’s Okja, hitting June 28:

  • Lastly, Tom Woodruff Jr. is working effects on Godzilla: King of the Monsters. We know there are some practical effects planned, so that could be cool.

I think that’s it for those two weeks, but it was a bit of a whirlwind, so as always, please leave a comment if we left something out. In the meantime, we’ll be checking out Blame on Netflix.

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