Special edition: Godzilla vs Kong to be directed by Adam Wingard

Adam Wingard has been a rising star in the horror world for a few years now (Horror Etc did an episode about him that was pretty good), but fans have noticed a trend with him lately: remakes of Asian properties (Death Note hits Netflix soon, I Saw the Devil is in the works). On top of that, he’s been very vocally broken up on Twitter about the passing of Yoshimitsu Banno. This all starts to click together with the reveal that he’ll be the director of 2020’s Godzilla vs Kong.

It’s an interesting choice. As far as we’ve seen, Wingard is definitely a horror guy more than a monster guy (as opposed to Michael Dougherty), but his work is generally solid, gripping, and often inspired. Legendary’s outside-the-box director selection paid off big time with Kong: Skull Island, so overall we’re pretty optimistic about this one as well. Or who knows, maybe they’re taking the franchise in a progressively more horrific direction? Either way, looking forward to it!

…how surreal is it that we know this much about the movie after the one that’s not done shooting yet?

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