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Scanlation: Miss Kano’s Disgrace (1992, Shinji Nishikawa)

With G-Fest on the horizon once again, Amanda has outdone herself and provided another translation of an overlooked Godzilla manga! This time it’s Godzilla-artist-extraordinaire Shinji Nishikawa‘s short story “Miss Kano’s Disgrace” from the anthology Gigantis the Fire Comic. It’s a comedic … Continue reading

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Another midweek news recap

I’ve got some downtime now, and since the last news recap was during the middle of the week, this seems like an appropriate time to summarize. As you maybe recall from last week, Annecy was going on, hence an addendum … Continue reading

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Slightly late weekly news recap

This week’s news recap is a little late, but odds are I won’t be able to post one next weekend, so that may be for the best. Plenty to discuss this time around, though! Kaiju news: Toku is streaming Henge … Continue reading

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Weekly news recap: Not much to report edition

We had a special edition this week for the announcement that Adam Wingard would be directing Godzilla vs Kong, and not a whole lot has happened since. A few things of note: The City Shrouded in Darkness is adding Gamera … Continue reading

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