Weekly news recap: Not much to report edition

We had a special edition this week for the announcement that Adam Wingard would be directing Godzilla vs Kong, and not a whole lot has happened since. A few things of note:

  • The City Shrouded in Darkness is adding Gamera and a certain mobile (*cough*Gundam*cough*) franchise to the roster.

  • The weekend of G-Fest, The Music Box will be doing a 70mm screening of Kong: Skull Island with Jordan Vogt-Roberts in attendance. I assume that’ll sell out fast!
    Speaking of G-Fest, the schedule is up now. As a reminder, your humble Maser Patrol admin will be doing the panels “Kaiju Anime” and “Kaiju Manga Raids Again”.

  • Katokutai’s latest music video. It looks like their new album is mostly repeats of stuff from previous ones, but the Ultraseven cover is rad.

  • An ad for the 5th Digimon Adventure tri movie, out in August:

So… yeah, that’s all we noticed this week; it’s been quiet. (Maybe that’ll jinx it, and a Monster Planet trailer will drop as soon as this gets posted. Hint.)

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