Weekend news recap: Book recommendations, Blu-ray preorders, movie trailers, and more!

Back to the weekend for the news recap once again; there shouldn’t be another interruption like that until… Oh, gosh, G-Fest is in less than two weeks! Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of neat Japanese science fiction happenings from the past 10 days:

  • John Lemay’s new book, The Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies: The Lost Films, was released this week. The newly-covered (in English-language publications) material and attention to detail in this volume is a remarkable step above the two previous volumes (which were already pretty informative), making this the most exciting English-accessible informational tome on kaiju eiga to come out in several years, and a hearty recommendation to above-cursory fans of Japanese giant monsters.
    (In full disclosure, several contributors to the book are friends of this ‘blog, and we get cited as one of the copious sources within it.)

  • Speaking of publications, the 12th issue of Monster Attack Team is only a week away. They’re having a release party in San Diego on the 7th.

  • And while we’re at it, I’ll also go ahead and mention that the essay collection Giant Creatures in Our World is likewise up for preorder, for release November 1. Frequent Maser Patrol contributor Justin Mullis has a section on some of the loftier thematics of Ultraman!

  • Continuing the list of stuff to buy, Dragon Dentist is getting a US home video release on Halloween day. It looks like the original Animator Expo short isn’t included, which is sort of a bummer.

  • The first half of the first season of Garo is finally up for preorder, with a release date of October 17. If you can’t wait, it’s currently streaming on HIDIVE as well.

  • Speaking of unexpected streams, Aoi Honoh is now legally streaming on Viki, under the pun-less title “Blue Fire”. It’s one of the best comedy shows of the decade, so hopefully this brings it to a few more viewers.

  • A proper trailer is out for Adam Wingard’s Death Note movie. It’s already getting flack for deviations from the source material, but it looks pretty faithful to the spirit of Death Note to me.

  • The Ajin movie looks much better than the anime.

  • Here’s a trailer for Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Before We Vanish, which is at least nominally about alien body-snatchers.

  • This PV for Symphogear AXZ showcases the new opening theme:

  • Riku Sanjo is working on a Kamen Rider W sequel, likely in the form of a novel or manga. It’s probably be difficult to get the actors back for something on-screen, but my money’s on this being serialized by Shogakukan.

  • Something of Junji Ito’s is soon getting an anime adaptation. He’s been weirdly underrepresented in animation, aside from Gyo, and I guess part of Steven Universe.

  • Finally, here’s Redking and Zetton selling washing machines:

That’s a wrap for this week; I better get back to preparing for panels!

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