Weekly news recap: Planet of the Monsters trailer, City Shrouded in Patlabor, Gridman anime, and more!

It’ll be a major news recap this week, as a greater-than-average number of exciting Japanese-related genre fiction tidbits have materialized in the past seven days!

  • Not to bury the lead, we now have a trailer for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters!

The avian creature in the trailer is a “Servum”, a creature mutated from Godzilla’s DNA. Since there are the bird-type and worm-type Servums (or would the plural be Serva?) in official descriptions, I’m guessing this will be a catch-all term like “MUTO”. A non-Godzilla-like Godzilla spawn is causing some consternation in fan circles, but it doesn’t seem that different from Biollante and others. Here’s hoping it makes an impression in the film itself!

  • Crunchyroll waited to announce this until less than an hour before the stream went live, but they picked up Ultraman Geed! Whew, Tsuburaya’s recent dealings with Toku were making me a little nervous about this one. Anyway, the first episode is great.

  • Remember how most folks were interpreted the “highly mobile” addition to The City Shrouded in Shadow as Mobile Suit Gundam? Nope, it was Mobile PoliceĀ Patlabor! In retrospect, that shouldn’t be as surprising, given the recent revival of Patlabor in both anime and live action, but since Gundam is still top dog (and has had previous video games crossing over with Ultraman and Godzilla), this is still a bit of a pleasant shock. Also, we have a trailer.

  • Seven Seas continues to do virtual magic tricks: this time they licensed Getter Robo Devolution by Ultraman duo Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi! I wonder if they’ll pull a Devilman and bring over the original manga as well? Either way, it’s cool to get the first official English Getter manga release since the Venger Robo days.

  • After the awesome Gridman short as part of the Japan Animator Expo, Trigger has announced it as an entire series! If it holds the same quality as the short, it’ll be fantastic, and hopefully also lead to a translation of the original. Also, the Kill La Kill team of Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima are doing a new series called Promare.

  • A new Garo movie, Kami no Kiba, has been announced for a 2018 release. This one again features Ryuga… is that movie with Raiga as the lead still happening?

  • A trailer for Toonami’s new FLCL sequels:

  • Gainax announced a trilogy of movies based on Leiji Matsumoto properties at Japan Expo in Paris. Very crafty of them to promote this Zero Century project in the land of Albator.

  • We got our first trailer for the live-action Bleach movie. The anime and manga suffer from getting re-written to suit the tastes of character polls, so maybe a movie would hold up better?

  • A little more info about the Kamen Rider W sequel: it’s titled Futo Detectives, and is a manga published in Big Comic Spirits (called it!), with art by Masaki Satou.

  • Stan Winston School has a course in making kaiju suits and miniature buildings. Let’s hope it facilitates an entire new generation of practical effects giant monster movies!

  • An ad for DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon, which is sure to usurp Wonder Woman as the best DC movie in years:

  • One more Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure trailer. Last one until the next movie, I promise.

  • Another reboot of The Grudge is in the works. For these Americanized kaidan franchises, is there really any difference between a sequel and a reboot?

Whew! That’s a lot! As always, leave a comment if there are any glaring omissions.

Also: No update next weekend due to G-Fest. Anyone going, hope to see you at the anime/manga panels; otherwise just stop us anywhere to say hi!

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