News recap for 7/30

It’s a relatively short-&-sweet news recap this week!

  • Congratulations to Shin Godzilla for winning best presentation at the Seiun Awards! This is the first time anything Godzilla has won (though Gamera movies won back-to-back in 1996 and 1997). Another pleasant surprise, Yasumi Kobayashi’s Ultraman F won for best novel, the second Seiun win for the Ultraman franchise (after Ultraman Tiga won in 1998), hopefully this raises interest in getting it localized!

  • Toku has picked up three more Ultra shows for streaming in August: Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, and Neo Ultra Q, and Ultraman Zero: The Chronicles. It’s great that they’re bringing this stuff out, but I am a little concerned about lack of QA: Notice how they call Gomora “Gamora” in the trailer? Also, I’ve seen no less than three outlets refer to Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle as “Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster”, which says to me that they screwed up the press release. The shows themselves are great, though, and this will probably beat HK bootleg subs, if nothing else.

  • A trailer for Takashi Yamazaki’s Destiny: Kamakura Story. It’s based on Ryohei Saigan’s manga from 2000, basically a yokai mystery. I guess Yamazaki had such a good time with Sunset on Third Street that he decided to keep the Saigan adaptation train rolling.

  • A PV for the upcoming Thunderbolt Fantasy: Shoshi Ikken side story. No release date, yet, but we can’t wait.

  • After years of radio silence, a crude poster was posted for the final Evangelion rebuild movie. Moyocco Anno also provided story for a video explaining the ten-year history of Studio Khara leading up to the present, which is a pretty amusing watch.

  • Wonder Festival was this weekend. Plenty of figure prototypes were on display, but the highlights that really stuck out to us were the Nendoroid Lina Inverse, X-Plus King Kong, Max Gokin manga version of Zeorymer, and a whole line of kyodai hero toys.

  • The Digimon Adventure tri stage play has a new form of Vamdemon. I sort of hope they don’t have him return in the actual show; he’s a great mid-level villain who suffers from constant later attempts to make him the ultimate antagonist.

  • Remember that Kamata-kun cell phone case that was an April Fools’ prank? This one is real.

  • Toyota’s M78x86 has an appropriate spokesman:

  • Apparently BraveStorm is still in need of funding, with only a couple months before its theatrical run. Crowdfunding is going now; donate if you want your name in the credits!

That’s a wrap for now! Back to watching silly shark movies on Syfy….

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