Weekend news recap: Godzilla veges out.

Time for the regular weekend round-up of Japanese genre media! To kick things off, we have a brand new trailer for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, and Godzilla has finally been revealed in full:

There are a couple of interesting revelations: Godzilla is described as “plant-based”, which is causing a lot of controversy among the fanbase already, with comparisons to Groot, Swamp Thing, King of Thorn, and Biollante abounding . Also, the new aliens that we were previously calling Exifs (エクシフ) are called Xiliens in the English press notes… if the aliens weren’t guaranteed as duplicitous simply by being authority figures in a Gen Urobuchi work, this pretty much cements it.

We also got a bunch of images of Godzilla from merchandise:

And finally, a new promotional statue is on display:

Other news:

  • This look at the new Mazinger Z movie inspires a little more confidence than the last one.

  • Reviews of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure movie concur that it’s pretty good, but it hasn’t exactly been doing great at the Japanese box office. I bet that’s why WB’s put the first 13 minutes online as a preview.

  • Madman is bringing Tokyo Ghoul to Australian theaters in September. It also has a thumbs-up from our team member in Japan.

  • Dragonball Super appears to be giving Goku a barely-perceptible new power up. Is it weird that I miss Super Saiyan 4?

That’s a wrap for this week; as always please leave a comment if we missed something!

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