Late news recap

It hasn’t been a terribly inspiring week news-wise, and the weekend was otherwise a little busy, hence this recap being a smidge behind schedule. So, what was up?

  1. I didn’t make it out to Japan World Heroes, so Geek Kon was a consolation prize. Robert Axelrod was there, and he may have revealed an interesting tidbit when he mentioned that he was working on dubbing an “old Ultraman anime” with William Winckler. It’s possible that he meant the Ultra Galaxy movie (we know he voiced Ultraman King in that), but since Toku has teased The☆Ultraman and they did do a new dub for Ultraman Max, I wonder…
  2. Adam Wingard’s Death Note is out. It has some problems and a few odd decisions (L’s unexplained Blade Runner gun may go down with ventriloquist dummy Mello, the Ebola-flu terror detective, and Light’s secret murder baby on the list of most WTF franchise adaptation aspects), but there’s enough to keep it entertaining for a very brief runtime, and most will agree that the end practically begs for more. We might give more thoughts on this down the road, or we might not.

On to other stuff:

  • Kaiju Girls is getting a second season! The announcement also reveals that a girl based on Guts-seijin will be included, so it’s possible that may be the only new character this time around.

Along those lines, Agira is getting her own mini merchandise push, with Acro and Surprise Next releasing figures, 5400 and 7884 yen respectively. Both seem a little on the pricey side, but it’s possible the face on the Acro one might just not photograph well.

  • X-plus is doing a new Gunhed sofubi. Hopefully it won’t be $900 like the last one.

  • A Metal Hero Kaijin Design Encyclopedia is hitting next month, celebrating the franchise’s 35th anniversary with bad guy design work for everything from Space Sheriff Gavan to, well, Gavan vs. Dekaranger.

  • An ad for the Inuyashiki anime, starting October 12. The manga is quite good, and with Mappa animating, this has high hopes.

  • Speaking of Mappa, while we have no idea what Vanishing Line actually is story-wise, it sure looks good.

  • Toku added a handful of Thai movies recently, including Hanuman: The Monkey Warrior. It’s not quite like getting the Chaiyo movies stateside, but adjacent.

  • Funny or Die has a new Power Rangers parody show, Mystic Cosmic Patrol. My verdict so far is 25% funny, 75% die.
  • The Gintama movie is getting some theatrical screenings in America. It’s a bit of a surprise, since Gintama‘s never been that big of a franchise here, but it’s nice seeing Yuichi Fukuda getting some more international distribution nonetheless. The movie’s doing huge numbers in Asia, which might have something to do with it getting announced worldwide before more obvious franchises, such as Tokyo Ghoul and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

That’s a wrap for this week! As always, please leave a comment if a major story got skipped over.

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