Weekly news recap: “Saraba, Hibiya Godzilla!”

Just a small batch of neat stuff for this week’s recap. As always, please leave a comment if there’s something we missed!

Godzilla news:

  • The Godzilla statue in Hibiya has been taken down, to be moved to the basement of a nearby building. The buzz is that it’ll be replaced by a bigger statue, but since the current one has been there for two decades it feels like the end of an era. Of course, you could always buy your own

  • There’s a new collaboration between Godzilla and Sanrio, as a series of adorable illustrations. If you don’t want to see Godzilla wearing a hair bow, you might not like these, but we want to collect them all.

Mecha news:

  • Speaking of replacing statues, the Unicorn Gundam that replaces the classic one at Gundam Front is a transforming one, due to go on full display at the end of the month:

Other news:

  • More information has come out about Vanishing Line, including basic plot and characters. We already knew that this was a TFC/Mappa production, but looking at the main character’s belt, along with hints about his quest to find a certain golden “El Dorado” is certainly raising some questions in the Garo fan community.

  • The new No More Heroes game will see Travis traveling between different video game world including Hotline Miami and Shovel Knight. It’ll be interesting to see how the disparate gameplay styles mesh between them!

That’s a wrap for now; seeya next time!

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