Weekly news recap for 9/30

Consider this your reminder that Ultraseven’s fiftieth anniversary is on Monday, so put on your best gray jumpsuit. In the meantime, let’s look over the recent goings-on in tokusatsu/anime/etc. It’s been a fairly quiet week, but let’s start with kaiju stuff:

  • There’s been a bunch of hullabaloo lately about the Godzilla Store location opening in a month. While it’s true that this is nominally the first permanent store that exclusively sells Godzilla merch, that’s not taking into account that this is in the Toho building in Shinjuku, where the hotel gift shop already pretty much just specialized in the same knickknacks. I’m sure this will be expanded and still worth checking out (like, say, the Ultraman shop and Evangelion store are), but there are many Mandarake outlets where one could take a deeper dive.

  • Oh hey, Haikasoru has a Humble Bundle this week. If you haven’t picked up MM9 yet, do so.

Hero news:

  • Viz picked up the rights to Infini-T Force. Glad we all won’t have to have Anime Strike for it.

  • One Punch Man is switching studios and director for the second season. This seems like a very bad move, but the source material is strong, so hopefully it doesn’t suffer too much under JC Staff.

  • Speaking of dodgy studios, LIDEN is doing the Killing Bites anime, which starts in January. I’ll still watch it, but after what they did to Terra Formars and Berserk, this could be a bad sign.

Other scifi:

  • JJ Abrams wants to do an American version of Your Name, which, honestly, could work pretty well given the recent devastation from the hurricanes. Abrams sort of has a bad record with follow-through, so hopefully he gets someone capable to handle it.

  • The producers of Friday Night Lights have been brought on board for the ill-advised US live-action TV version of Sword Art Online. We can all tell that this is going to be hated, right?

  • Houshin Engi has a new anime coming out in January. It’s not one I’d pick for a remake, but enough time has passed that it could be done well. (Looking at you, FMA and HxH!)

  • Armor Girls Project is doing the space battleship Yamato, because of course it is:


  • I’m not totally sold on Blazing Transfer Student Reborn based on this trailer, but I’ll give it a watch when it manifests on Netflix.

That’s a wrap for the time being! In the meantime, watch some Ultraseven!

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