Weekend news recap: Godzilla’s birthday edition

Halloween sort of ate up the last weekend, but that just means a kaiju-sized recap for today’s holiday: Godzilla’s birthday.

Yes, today is also the day that Blade of the Immortal (Takashi Miike’s 100th picture) hits US theaters, but screenings are so sporadic that we’re going to wait for it to hit VOD next week instead.

Anyway, onto news of the week! In honor of the big G, we shall begin with Godzilla news, and there are some doozies!

  • First of all, Criterion has acquired not only the Classic Media Toho archive, but Destroy All Monsters and Godzilla vs. Megalon from Media Blasters as well, and Son of Godzilla and Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla! Speculation is rampant that they’re planning a special box set, and it’s hard to dispel. They’re currently streaming through Starz, and folks have already noticed that this is the rare Toho dub of War of the Gargantuas… complete with all of the Frankenstein references cut by AIP!

  • In an interview with Mick Garris recently, Mike Dougherty teased more monsters that he had to design for the new movie. Well, that’s intriguing.


  • Shinji Nishikawa and Yuji Kaida have new art for Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters. Some of those Servum sure look like Ohm from Nausicaa.

  • Godzilla is also collaborating with Sengoku no Tora Z and Grand Summoners mobile games. I’ve already completely lost track of how many of these types of crossovers have happened, so hopefully someone’s taking notes!

  • Oh, and the new Planet of the Monsters trailer.

  • At long last, the Kaiju Gaiden trailer is up online! This is a slight improvement over the version shown at G-Fest, to boot!

  • Shimizu and Shimoguchi’s Ultraman manga has an “important announcement” next month. Fingers crossed for a TV series!
  • Matt Frank’s Redman comic (or manga? this is blurring some lines!) will be published in Japan by Phase 6, who also bring Godzilla: Rulers of Earth out there. Honestly, this may be the best thing to ever happen to Redman.

  • At 400 mm tall (stand excluded), this Ryujin Garo is going to be hard to fit on a shelf! The $200 price tag makes it a little tough, too, but not out of bounds for the series.

  • At last, a Killing Bites trailer!

  • Princess Resurrection is getting a new manga series. With the original finally all out in the US via Kindle, here’s hoping the sequel gets brought over too!
  • A trailer for the new Thunderbolt Fantasy:Path of Life or Death side-story movie:

  • J Novel Club licensed the Ao Oni novel. I continue to be amazed at the success of that franchise.

  • Junji Ito is doing a manga adaptation of Osamu Dazai’s novel No Longer Human.

  • Crow’s Blood is available on El Rey on demand now.

  • Video Girl Ai (which is pretty much The Ring as a rom com) is getting a new live-action TV series. This isn’t the first live-action version, since it was a movie previously, but enough time (and change in technology) has occurred that I’m wondering how this will work…maybe one of those 80s throwbacks that are so popular in the US?
    Also from Masakazu Katsura is I”s, likewise getting a live-action TV adaptation. That one isn’t SF/horror/fantasy, but it is my all-time favorite manga, so I’m keen to see how they inevitably ruin it.
  • Legend of the Galactic Heroes has a live-action trilogy in the works. Seems like a hard sell.
  • Funimation licensed Space Battleship Yamato 2199. For such a high-profile show, it’s been a pain to see legally until now, so it’s great to see it up streaming.

The latest trailer for the new Blazing Transfer Student Netflix show makes it look a lot better than the previous one did:

Whew! I *think* that’s a wrap. Enjoy what remains of Godzilla’s birthday… but for us, Godzilla day is every day, after all.

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