Only slightly late news recap

Despite Thanksgiving weekend, I almost had a news recap ready to go yesterday… then a couple unexpected trips to urgent care sucked up several hours (nothing too serious, rest assured, or possibly disappointed). Nevertheless, I’m going to attempt to get something out today, because there’s a bunch of neat happenings!

  • First and foremost, Tsuburaya bested Chaiyo in a US court last week. This is certainly great news, and will likely facilitate Tsuburaya getting more of their classic Ultraman series on the market here. But as an eternal pessimist, I have to wonder at the damage that has been done already. The original Ultraman has been re-released plenty of times through Chaiyo to the point where Mill Creek copies were literally being given away with any purchase at a con, and Shout Factory flat-out said that they have no interest in Return of Ultraman or its sequels. Crunchyroll has been rather cold on the Tsuburaya back-catalog in recent years, so I’m not sure what the most viable venues Tsuburaya has at this point would even be. Still, licensing and merchandising is a huge perk.

  • Since Thanksgiving is the annual date for dropping new Garo stuff, a new trailer is up for Garo: Kami no Kiba:

The villain Jinga is also getting his own spin-off series, and that Raiga movie (Gekkou no Tabibito) is still happening eventually. That won’t be Masei Nakayama’s only return to Garo, though, since Crimson Moon is also getting a spin-off film!

  • A trailer for the second season of Kaiju Girls looks to greatly expand the roster:

  • Ultraman Geed is getting a movie on March 10, a trend that the last few Ultraman shows have followed. Since Geed has been so strong, hopefully this capstone lives up to its series.

  • Bandai premium has an enormous 50 cm 2018 Godzilla up for pre-order for only 19440 yen. It comes with a candy toy, for…awesome reasons.

  • Michael over at Astounding Beyond Belief just announced that he’s writing a book on the Gamera series! As a kaiju nerd of highest caliber, it’s sure to be a tremendous read; I look forward to picking it up.

  • Box art has been posted for Shout Factory’s release of Gingaman; they’re sticking with the in-suit shots, to my delight.

  • According to August Ragone, one of Toku’s press releases stated that they’re going to be airing an English-subtitled version of Gridman! This is well overdue, and I wonder if they’ll time it to correspond with the upcoming Trigger anime version. Hopefully Crunchyroll gets it as well, since Toku’s airings don’t seem to be directly translating into streaming availability.

  • Devilman crybaby looks great, but it looks like this trailer gives away most of the plot. I guess it is a 45 year-old story…

  • A poster for the Mob Psycho 100 live-action series from Koichi Sakamoto. I would’ve thought Tatsuomi Hamada was a little old for the title role, but this looks alright. After Ultraman Geed, that team has a superb track record, after all.

  • School Live is getting a live-action movie. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of that one, I *strongly* recommend reading no further and watching the first episode.

  • Well Go licensed the live-action Gintama movie for US release on March 6. It’s a tad weird for it to be getting a US release ahead of something like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (which is much more popular in the states), but Gintama did make an obscene amount of money in Japan, so I guess they have faith in it (and the impending sequel). Still, it’s always nice to see Well Go picking up Japanese titles; they were quiet on that front for a little while.

  • The trailer for Netflix’s Erased series looks really well-done…unfortunately it’s hard to not be a little burned out after the manga, novel, live-action movie, and anime show. All it needs is a US remake, now.

  • Rinne is finally ending; how’d that become Rumiko Takahashi’s second-longest running manga?! As you might have heard on our Takahashi podcast, it’s not a favorite around here.

Whew! That’s a wrap for news. On a final note, since it got lost in the Planet of the Monsters shuffle, BraveStorm was excellent. It had time travel from a Terminator-esque dystopian future, a psychic chick with awesome swordfighting skills, interesting alien design, and some cool robot smashing action. And boxing! Hopefully it gets brought over in some fashion, for us American fans of Senkosha hero shows…it also has an after-credits sequence that you won’t want to miss!

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