Weekend News Recap: Tokyo Comic Con edition

Lots of neat stuff out of Tokyo Comic Con this weekend!

  • Daisuke Sato’s Howl from Beyond the Fog, a puppet movie inspired by Ray Bradbury’s The Foghorn but set in samurai times, is seeking a (quite modest) amount of support via Kickstarter. It’s neat that Keizo Murase is working on this, as a vet of the kaiju genre for over 60 years, and the rewards tiers on the campaign are quite reasonable… though as much as I’m tempted to splurge on getting a figure of the title kaiju Nebula (Nebra?), I don’t think that one’s quite justifiable.

  • The website for Hero’s Ultraman manga was counting down to a major announcement for the past week, leading to speculation that an anime was on the way. Sure enough, this was announced at Comic Con, for 2019. It’s CG anime, but the biggest names in that medium are attached: Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki. They had a suit constructed for the announcement, as well; it looks pretty good.

  • A teaser for the Ultraman Geed movie, with lots of Orb for good measure.

  • A first teaser for Trigger’s upcoming SSSS Gridman anime. It’s just footage from the original show and the Japan Animator Expo short, with a single new still image at the end. Still, it’s cool that they’re hyping it.

  • Speaking of Gridman, the original show premiers on Toku on December 18th.

  • A backpack that makes it look like you’re carrying Kamen Rider’s torso around:

  • A couple of new Pacific Rim: Uprising soft vinyls from Bandai: Shrikethorn and Hakuja! The merchandise push for the new movie is certainly a couple levels higher than it was for the original!

  • Shinji Higuchi is working on an anime titled Hisone & Masotan, about dragons tamed for use by the JSDF. Macross‘s Shoji Kawamori, Space Dandy‘s Yoshiyuki Ito, and Star Driver‘s Shigeto Koyama are also involved, so even with a very simple and cutesy preview image, I wonder if this might be something special.

  • Huh, it looks like Devilman Crybaby is using a cover of the original anime’s opening theme:

  • A trailer for Ninja Batman (I refuse to call is Batman Ninja).

  • This trailer for the anthology Junji Ito Collection goes out of its way to assure us that there will be Tomie. After countless live-action movies, she’s overdue for anime treatment, I suppose.

  • Finally, a trailer for the Cardcaptor Sakura sequel:

That’s a wrap for this weekend, but as always, please leave a comment if we missed something!

Oh, and I suppose, as has become a bit of a regular feature here, Amanda went to a movie and liked it quite a bit. This time, it was the new Code Geass movie, the first in a trilogy retelling the events of the TV show. Good for fans wanting to see things re-animated or for newbies to the franchise!

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