Another slightly late news recap

I took a bit of a road trip last weekend to go to Ed Godziszewski’s presentation on his new Ishiro Honda biography (and also caught The Shape of Water while I was in town), which ate into blogging time. However, I’m free now, so let’s kick things off with this awesome new short by Junya Okabe! (Watch it unspoiled, if possible.)

Onto the news of the week!

  • Starting with the highest-profile, toy scans are out revealing a first look for Kaito Sentai LupinRanger vs. Keisatsu Sentai PatRanger. It’s an interesting concept to have a season of competing teams of cops & robbers thieves; hopefully the execution lives up to the potential.

  • Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel looks like it’s following the story fairly beat-for-beat, but I don’t know about how brightly-lit it looks. Then there’s the unfortunate situation with the anime eyes…

  • The Ready Player One movie will not have Ultraman in it. There is still a Gundam in this trailer, but excitement for the film did take quite a hit with that reveal.

  • Here’s some Pacific Rim: Uprising promo stuff from Tokyo Comic Con.

  • Shinji Higuchi, Tomoo Haraguchi, and Katsuro Onoue all play themselves in this ad for Fussa City.

  • Here’s a trailer for the Yokai Watch movie with Kitaro in it.

  • Toshiki Hirano and Narumi Kakinouchi are back with new chapters of Vampire Princess Miyu on the Champion Cross website. I think this is the first new manga for the character since 2002?

  • Magical Girl Ore is getting a TV anime, but its first visual is deceptive… she turns into a buff dude.

Okay, I think that’s a wrap for now.

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One Response to Another slightly late news recap

  1. Andrew Bassett says:

    So, what’re the odds of Amazons ending with the destruction of society?

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