Quick news recap

Happy weekend! With the new year’s holidays, there’s not as much news as normally in a week, but there are a handful of doozies that snuck through while everyone was on vacation!

    • First of all, Amazon has put an end to their Anime Strike service, and moving all their titles to regular Amazon Prime. This is a wise choice, since nobody was keen on the double-pay wall thing, and with HiDive taking a lot of their titles, I can’t imagine many fans were willing to put up with the service as it was. They do have a lot of great content, so if you have Prime without Strike, now’s the time to catch up on Inuyashiki, Atom the Beginning, Nanoha, etc.
  • Toho is uploading two Godzilla Island episodes to Youtube each week, and keeping them up for four weeks each. If you don’t have the DVD set, this is a great way to catch it. (Still no subtitles, sadly.) Maybe this could lead to a Redman-esque resurgence? The show is pretty bonkers, after all.

  • Toku will be airing The Ultraman starting on January 29. As a reminder, this is one that hasn’t been fansubbed before, so get those DVRs ready!

  • Shin Godzilla effects artist Akira Suzuki has a new monster movie that he’s attempting to get made on Kickstarter, Horror of the Underworld. The trailer looks really enticing, so I wish him luck!

  • I really hope somebody picks up Oh My Jump for streaming. Seeing the star of Densha Otoko in a drama about Shonen Jump otaku is too good to pass up.

  • After several delays, the Killing Bites game has been canceled. That’s a bummer, but, with the anime impending, maybe we’ll get another.

  • Tokunet has an interview about free-to-play tabletop RPG Henshin! It sounds fun, we might give it a spin some time.

That’s a wrap for this week; now back to Netflix for more Devilman Crybaby. It’s quite interesting to see Masaki Yuasa’s take on the classic!

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