Very late news recap

I had to work last weekend, and the one before that was sucked up in podcast editing (*insert self-deprecating joke here*), so there was no regular weekend news recap. Let’s see if we can catch up, shall we?

  • Dragonball Super is coming to an end in March, but it’s being replaced by a new Kitaro series!

  • A trailer for the Kamen Rider Amazons movie!

  • The Video Girl Ai drama is getting some animated sequences, which makes it even more frustrating that it’s not simulcast anywhere.

  • There are shades of Varan in this Rampage trailer.

  • I’m not particularly a fan of the comic I Kill Giants, but the trailer for the movie looks well-executed enough.

  • A trailer for the second Monster Hunt movie, out of China. You can watch the first one on Netflix now.

  • Marvel’s Future Avengers is getting a second season. I’m sure it will continue to embarrass the shows that Marvel is doing stateside.

  • The Slayers novels are getting a sequel after 18 years. It sure would be a great time for someone to license rescue the series!
  • Netflix’s Castlevania (which we just talked about on the podcast) is getting a second season this summer.
  • The Evangelion-themed high speed train is shutting down. It’s a bummer that it was never on a route I wanted to go.

I think that’s a wrap for now; even being so late, there didn’t seem to be that much news-wise!

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