1.5 week’s worth of news recap

There was no news recap last weekend, for two reasons:

  1. The recap before that had come midweek.
  2. Netflix decided to blitz everyone with a new Cloverfield movie completely unannounced prior:

Cloverfield Paradox wasn’t a very good movie, and the reshoots that shoehorned in a connection to the original Cloverfield made it worse. That said, I gave it a click and haven’t canceled my Netflix subscription, so I may be a part of the problem. However, Netflix keeps announcing release dates, so we can’t complain too much. Here’s a few:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: February 19 (Amanda says this was a letdown, so caveat)
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender season 5: March 2
  • Sword Gai: March 23

Also, Crunchyroll has decided to stream the Thunderbolt Fantasy movie, The Sword of Life & Death. This is great, both as we’re getting to see more awesome puppet battles, and it sets a precedent for them to release more movies that tie into their shows (*cough* Ultraman Geed *cough*). So go watch it!

There’s still neat stuff on actual television, though. NHK has an adaptation of Miyuki Miyabe’s feudal-era kaiju novel Koujin airing on the 17th!

Hopefully that reaches US shores in some shape or form. Of course, the best way to demonstrate that there’s a market for Japanese cinema is to go watch it when it’s playing, so as a reminder: Mazinger Z: Infinity is playing in US cinemas this Sunday and Monday!

It’s certainly a good time to be a Go Nagai fan. Cutie Honey Universe is looking pretty decent so far as well:

…not to mention that Keita Amemiya’s been loading up his Twitter with Devilman drawings. Man, I’d like an artbook of those.

Other news:

  • A trailer for the Ultraman Geed movie mentioned earlier. I really hope it gets some sort of distribution here, since we’re still waiting on DVDs for those movies that came to US theaters last winter.

  • By the way, Toku picked up the rights to Outerman, which might be my favorite Minoru Kawasaki kaiju movie. Currently that doesn’t mean a whole lot, since not many folks get the channel, but since they finally added some more Ultraman stuff to their streaming options on Amazon, perhaps this will follow suit.

  • The live-action Blood C movie is getting a sequel:

  • A look at Shinji Higuchi’s anime Hisone & Masotan, starting in April. As a reminder, it’s about a self-defense officer and her dragon pal.

  • Takashi Miike is doing another magical girl show, this time titled Mahou x Senshi Majimajo Pures. It doesn’t look particularly different from the last one, which I guess is still airing now.

  • Speaking of magical girls, this PreCure 15th anniversary ad seems designed to make us all feel old.

  • Also 15 years old this year is Kamen Rider 555. Of course the darkest Kamen Rider series is doing a collaboration with Hello Kitty to celebrate.

Well, that seems like an adequate recap for now, but who knows what the next week may bring?

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2 Responses to 1.5 week’s worth of news recap

  1. I had no idea the Thunderbolt Fantasy movie was on Crunchyroll. That’s great.

  2. I already pre-ordered that Biollante back in October before I ever even got a look at it. I’m not regretting that decision or anything, but that paint job sure is looking pretty lackluster. I hope it looks a little better in person.

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