2 week news recap

Hi all, another late news recap. I got offered a new job recently that’s requiring a fairly major move, and as someone with a sizable library of stuff, packing has got me a tad preoccupied. I offer this as an excuse, and likely explanation of more sporadic blog posts to come. The move is unlikely to interrupt G-Fest, but I might have to cancel ACen panels this year…more info as it develops.

In the mean time, holy cow did a lot of exciting stories drop in the past two weeks!

Under development:

  • A Brazilian movie based on Juspion is in the works for next year. I’m really curious to see how this pans out, since I can’t think of any similar Brazilian films, despite a long history of tokusatsu getting ported there.
  • Korean MMO MapleStory is having an Evangelion collaboration.

  • Taboo Tattoo‘s Shinjiro is drawing a gaiden manga short for Kamen Rider Amazons (with Yasuko Kobayashi supervising). It’ll run in a one-off of Morning magazine.

  • Alita: Battle Angel got pushed back to December. Delays on that production aren’t exactly unprecedented, so not a big deal there.
  • Speaking of long-gestating projects, the American Vampire Hunter D comic switched artists again; now it’s Ultimate Spider-man‘s Ryan Benjamin.


  • Arrow will be releasing Toho’s Bloodthirsty trilogy on Blu ray in the US and UK on May 14! Two of the flicks only have VHS releases stateside (and Vampire Doll has none), so it’s exciting to finally have a chance to upgrade.

  • Kraken will have the Garo: Beast of the Demon Night special out on June 26! It was getting a little concerning that they might skip this one, but it’s essential viewing before the second season.

  • When I talked with a Funimation rep last year, they swore up and down that they would have nothing to do with licensing Takashi Yamazaki’s Parasyte duology, despite it playing at festivals listing them as the rights holder. Well, guess what they’re releasing on May 8?


  • Bandai Premium is doing a super-articulated figure of the Shin Godzilla’s completely static frozen form. They know that all we really want is the tail.

  • Also on the web shop, Nadia‘s Nautilus is getting a chogokin.

  • GEM has a pretty sweet War Greymon that looks about X-Plus level.

  • Oh, I suppose Wonder Festival happened, too. Didn’t see a whole lot amazing that wasn’t previously announced, though this Godzilla kit based on the Polish poster was pretty cool.

Trailer time!

  • This trailer for Bleach is playing up the relationship between hollows and Japanese mythology. Prepare for endless debate about whether these count as “kaiju” or not.

  • Another trailer for Inuyashiki. I think this should work a little better in adaptation than Gantz did.

  • The Fist of the Blue Sky adaptation coming to Amazon looks pretty rough. The previous anime based on this Fist of the North Star prequel was also pretty bad, so they’re not losing much there, though.

  • Ghost Squad sure is a Noboru Iguchi movie.

Finally, RIP Ren Osugi, it was a shame to lose him so early.


Whew, that’s a wrap! I’ll see when the next update comes out. In the mean time, keep an eye on the Kaiju Transmissions podcast, I might have recorded a little something with them recently…

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