Another two-week news roundup!

Another update missed last weekend, which will probably continue biweekly for the next two months or so. The big news of the previous weekend is that they gave this guy an Oscar:

No, not Baltan, the other guy. Normally, I don’t care about the Academy Awards, but anything that gives a dude who makes stuff like Hellboy: Sword of Storms and Pacific Rim and promotes Patlabor in his spare time more clout in Hollywood is a good thing. Granted, he won the award for The Shape of Water, which, while a fine film, doesn’t have tangible ties to Japanese science fictio- oh, wait, Yoshitaka Amano did illustrations promoting it, so I’m justified in singing its praises here. It’s really good!

Since those awards, we’ve moved on to other del Toro-ish things, such as frenzy leading up to Pacific Rim: Uprising. I’ve actually already seen Robot Spirits figures for the film at Barnes & Noble and Toys ‘R Us (hurry up and get those, since, woefully, Toys ‘R Us is closing all stores in the US). In addition to that, River Horse is planning a Kickstarter for a Pacific Rim: Extinction tabletop game.

Oh, and a new web series just launched as a prequel to the film, Pacific Rim: Amara. So far so good!

Continuing on the Legendary front, there was chaos yesterday regarding a short-lived Studio ADI video online that appeared to have a Ghidorah-like monster in it. They claimed it was actually from their short Lucifer, and Mike Dougherty denies that it’s Ghidorah as well, but the fact that the video was pulled so quickly is suspicious. At any rate, take all those “King Ghidorah leaks confirmed” posts with a grain of salt.

In actual Godzilla movie news, though, the website for The City Mechanized for the Final Battle has been updated with some interesting tidbits about the surviving humans on the Earth: they’re called the Futsua (note: “futsu” as in “two”), and their god was killed by Godzilla, but left an egg behind…oh, where could they be going with this? Anyway, I guess we’ll find out on May 18.

Speaking of anime film trilogies and Gen Urobuchi, there’s going to be more Psycho Pass, in the form of Psycho Pass: SS (short for “Sinners of the System”). I’m glad to be getting more of everyone’s favorite Equilibrium fanfic, but this is going to be a set of three side stories rather than a continuation of the narrative, which, at least in the manga, was a bit of a let down.

That’s far from the least expected anime continuation news to hit recently, though; that honor goes to the fact that we’re getting more Zoids this summer for the first time in a dozen years.

Other continuations, some that were on the radar, some that weren’t:

  • Symphogear will have its fifth season next year. As long as the quality holds, I don’t mind the wait.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re starts April 3.

  • Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory (finally) hits April 13.
  • The third season of My Hero Academia is getting a same-week simul-dub, which means it must be doing huge numbers for Funimation.

  • Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is getting a sequel movie:

In newer production news, there’s another trailer for Swordgai (my most anticipated thing of the next season, but I actually like Toshiki Inoue’s writing):

Of course, the other possible most anticipated work of the season is Hisone & Masotan, mostly because Shinji Higuchi worked on it.

Kunihiko Ikuhara’s next work, while sure to be insane, will also likely have gorgeous animation, so we’ll probably check out Sarazanmai. This teaser looks a lot like Penguindrum.

Lastly, Space Battleship Tiramisu looks goofy.

Oh, and Mamoru Oshii is doing an anime movie adaptation of Baku Yumemakura’s novel series Chimera. I’d watch anything Oshii or anything Yumemakura, so this is a no-brainer.

In licensing news, Discotek picked up Ayakashi (not to be confused with Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales) and the Space Warrior Baldios movie.

The last thing I’ll leave you with is that Hirohiko Araki has said that Jojo‘s villain Dio was inspired by Blade Runner‘s Roy Batty. Hm… Armitage III, Ghost in the ShellBubblegum Crisis, Pacific Rim… it seems like a lot of our precious media owes a debt to Blade Runner, but we already knew that.

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