Weekend news recap, plus panel announcements!

Before diving into the happenings of the week, here’s a breakdown of conventions I’ll be talking at over the summer!

Anime Central:

  • Neon Reference Evangelion – Saturday May 19th @ 10:45 AM (it’s at the same time as another Evangelion panel that’s covering the same stuff…yeah, I don’t know how that happened, either)
  • Ultraman for Anime Fans – Sunday May 20th @ noon

G-Fest: The schedule isn’t posted yet, so I shall refrain from giving away too much, but I should be doing a giant robot movie panel and one on kaiju jidai geki. Times will be posted when the final program is up.

Anyway, on to the news of the week!

  • To start things off, a trailer for Ultraman R/B. Between that and the announcement of another big win in the Chaiyo case, it’s a good week for Tsuburaya.

  • Section 23 surprised us with two tokusatsu releases on the horizon: the second season of Garo (which they’re calling Makai Senkyu instead of Makai Senki for some reason) and Minoru Kawasaki’s kaiju wrestling picture Dai-kaiju Mono! It’s great news to see that film licensed, since Kawasaki’s filmography has slipped out of western attention in recent years. Oddly, Daikaiju Mono is being handled by Sentai Filmworks instead of Kraken Releasing, but Garo is still with that label, but with some of the way 23 have divied up anime in the past it can be hard to understand.
  • A trailer is up for Attack on Titan season 3.

  • Pacific Rim had another anime collaboration poster, this time with Mazinger Z: Infinity. Non-scale, obviously.

  • The Mob Psycho 100 drama finally hits US Netflix on May 22.

  • Also in May… Kong: King of the Apes Season 2. (I might make myself watch this one too.)

  • Anyone wondering about the Mechagodzilla design in Ready Player One should read this post on Astounding Beyond Belief’s new blog.
  • Akira Takarada has joined the cast of The Great Buddha Arrival, giving the project some extra kaiju cred.
  • Finally, this Fist of the North Star shower gel commercial will make you a Tough Boy.

Well…. maybe one more randomly inexplicable thing.

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