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Maser Patrol podcast episode 36: “Neon Reference Evangelion” at ACen 2018

I did a short panel presentation at Anime Central, running through some of the pop culture influences on the Evangelion TV franchise. Enjoy, and apologies in advance for the low energy (it was the first panel of the morning)!

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 35: Unstructured Ultraman

Windows updates were the Zetton to my computer’s Ultraman this Sunday, so I didn’t have any of my slides for the Ultraman panel at Anime Central. Fortunately, the crowd was great, and we were able to improvise something audio-only, even … Continue reading

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Only news recap this May

Another two-week recap this week, and unfortunately due to travel it looks like this will be the only one this month. (Awkward timing with the new Godzilla flick coming out, I know.) I’ve been busy putting together the weekend’s panels … Continue reading

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