Status update

Howdy all! Sorry for the long no-posting delay; I’ve had a bunch of travel and other commitments eating up a fair chunk of time. Well, at least nothing major’s happened, right? It’s not like Matt Frank’s Gamera: Last Hope doujinshi got an official publication as part of a Japanese collection of Dark Horse’s Gamera comics, or we got the title for the last part of the Godzilla anime trilogy, or a new Dragon Ball show premiered, or new Evangelion animation, or a trailer dropped for the Korean adaptation of Jin-Roh, or Shout Factory announced freaking Jetman for a DVD release, right? That’d be mental.

Yeah, so….I need to get more on top of this stuff. At least that weird Magical Girl Ore cosplay shoot that Twitter demanded, right?

Anyway, as some housekeeping, G-Fest is next week. I’ve got two presentations! Come check out “When Kaiju Meet Samurai” on Friday at noon, and “Giant Robot Movies” on Saturday at 4. Also, stop me and ask about the book, because I should have copies!

That’s right, another thing that’s kept me off the web for a while is putting some finishing touches on this sucker. It’s two pounds; seventy cubic inches of obscure kaiju nerd pontification. With that done, we can get back to the more-or-less regular blogging schedule.

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2 Responses to Status update

  1. Will there be a digital releases of your book?

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