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SDCC is upon us, with G-Fest before that and Anime Expo before that, well… there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s start with the Godzilla-sized Godzilla in the room.

That’s certainly better than the initially-posted teaser, which had a continuity goof (bandages). A lot of people complain about the cameraman being visible in the frame, but he’s matted out from the video as initially posted on social media.

The movie should also feature some Ifukube tracks, and more monsters. Hopefully that doesn’t wind up in a memory hole next to Akira Takarada’s 2014 cameo.

  • Also on the Godzilla front, City on the Edge of Battle is finally up on Netflix. I enjoyed it, but there are plenty who didn’t… what would a Godzilla film be if it weren’t incredibly divisive?

  • The Neca/Bandai Godzilla toy arms race continues, as both have announced Godzilla 1962 figures. Given the fragility of MonsterArts and the price point, I think I’m going with Neca on this. They told Toho Kingdom recently that they’re now working with Toho directly, and should have a lot more options than when they were working through Warner, which is also encouraging.

  • We in the US are getting the My Hero Academia movie on September 25.

I was already going to watch it, but since they announced that one of the featured heroes would be named Godzillo and have the power of a certain legendary monster, it’s an extra slam dunk.

  • Moving off of Godzilla, Legendary is working on a Gundam movie, making all that service in Pacific Rim Uprising make a lot more sense.

  • John Layman (who did my favorite IDW Godzilla comic) has a new kaiju comic coming from Image next month: Leviathan!

  • Speaking of kaiju comics, a new free one is being offered by Amazon: Goliath Girls.

  • Voltron: Legendary Defender‘s sixth season ended with a bang, and the final 26 episodes are due to drop by the end of the year. Easily the best version of the franchise, we’re all looking forward to seeing how it ends (and if they’ll bring in Vehicle Voltron).

  • A trailer attached to Mirai of the Future claims that the fourth Evangelion rebuild movie will be out in 2020. I wonder if Khara will finally be free after that. The trailer’s been taken offline, so here’s some art from Twitter:

  • The CGI Ultraman anime based on the Shimizu/Shimoguchi manga got picked up by Netflix, but also, it won’t be a movie. A series makes more sense for that story, so good call.

  • On the flip side, Kaiju Girls Black will be a movie. They upped the ante from the cheap-looking TV animation quite a bit.

  • Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka is getting an anime. The brutal magical girl manga is pretty great, so it’s good that it’ll find a broader audience this way.

  • The original PreCure duo had a guest spot on Huggto PreCure for the franchise’s 15th anniversary. It was pretty much on point.

  • The new Dragon Ball movie is going back to the Broly well. At least it looks better than Dragon Ball Heroes.

  • Viz has re-re-licensed Urusei Yatsura! Takahashi’s first and funniest work has had some prior goes in English, but the manga still has not been released here in its entirety. Now seems an opportune time; with all the magical monster girlfriend manga flooding the market, this series could be seen as a parody of the very things that it inspired.

  • Another manga that didn’t live up to its all stateside was Baki the Grappler, one of the very best tournament fighting manga, which has also been re-licensed. Fun fact: both Urusei Yatsura‘s Takahashi and Baki‘s Keisuke Itagaki were trained by Kazuo Koike.

  • You know what hasn’t been licensed? Ultraman R/B. Crunchyroll kept fans in suspense for X, Orb, and Geed, but it seems like this time around they simply passed on the show or something. They’ve slowed down on licensing the titles since Toku burst onto the scene, but that could be a coincidence. Either way, sort of a shame, since Ultraman’s never caught on with the simulcast fansub crowd.

  • Funimation acquired the Gridman anime. Not sure if that will have any impact on the original’s prospects for Crunchyroll, but at least it’s up on Toku.

  • Speaking of Toku, they just started airing Mirrorman.

  • Viz got the license to Takashi Miike’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which is both surprising since they’re pretty much out of the live-action game, but also not so surprising, since Jojo is one of their big hits.

  • Shout Factory is doing a complete set of Digimon Tri, so perhaps hold off on buying the individual volumes for now… or, rather, do buy some; I need to get rid of a few.
  • I applaud Anime Midstream for continuing to rescue licenses that nobody cares about, even if it doesn’t seem great for their longevity. However, I take some umbrage with the assumption that nobody’s seen Bt’X before.
  • Dark Horse licensed the Elfen Lied manga. Again, this seems like one that should have come over 15 years ago. Maybe the cute cover art threw some people off?

  • I thought that Maiden Japan was the Section 23 branch that would license female-centric shows, but I guess after Patlabor, Dominion, and the Gunbuster movie, they figured “screw it, we’re a mecha label now.” They recently grabbed a whole bunch of titles, including Votoms (which is getting a little hard to track down all the parts to), Ideon (about dang time), Xabungle, and Basquash.

  • Funimation licensed Zillion, in a move I would never have expected. I have no intuition what’s going on in the industry anymore, but if cool surprises like this continue, being in the dark is okay.

  • Kiyotaka Taguchi’s short Female Weapon 701 is hitting Blu Ray in August. The short was part of the Tetsudon anthology, so I wonder what that means for the other shorts.

  • Cast is always making figures of Toho stuff about three levels of nerdiness beyond the competition, but I was floored to see that they just did the maser cannons from Gransazer. That deserves an award for attention to obscure detail!

  • Hisone & Masotan‘s title dragon got its own plushies uncharacteristically fast for a Japanese show. By the way, the whole thing drops on Netflix Sept 21.

  • Cospa has a new line of Gunbuster stuff. This glow-in-the-dark shirt is one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and lest I forget, a Kindle version of Kaiju for Hipsters is now up. If you previously got the physical release through Amazon, this is a free download; otherwise now you can check out a sample and see what you think. On that note, I’ll call this a recap; seeya next time!

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