Quick news recap

Not a whole lot to talk about this week, but here goes:

  • Has it already been a decade since Kamen Rider Decade? Evidently so, as Toei is reusing the concept for Kamen Rider Zi-O (not to be confused with Kamen Rider ZO), doing the whole “this hero gets to visit and use the powers of past riders” thing. Here’s hoping it’ll be better than Decade was….wonder if the Amazons will make a cameo appearance?

  • Apparently there’s a practical suit for the anime version of Gridman. It’s neat to see how the design changed side by side like this.

  • After the sort of not-so-hot finale of Digimon Adventure Tri, I’m surprised to see Toei already back to the well for another sequel after another time skip.

  • Hey, remember that Evangelion 4.0 trailer that wasn’t up last week? Now it’s been posted officially.

  • A new trailer for the new season of Thunderbolt Fantasy.

  • Speaking of puppets, here’s the Howl from Beyond the Fog trailer from G-Fest.

  • There’s now a trailer out for Castlevania season 2. After Voltron ends, this may be Netflix’s pillar of animated originals.

That’s a wrap for now; told ya it’d be brief!

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