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Slow couple of weeks’ recap

Not a whole lot has been going on news-wise for the past couple of weeks, but here’s a quick recap regardless: Shinsuke Sato’s Bleach movie hits Netflix on September 14. Speaking of Netflix, they’re allegedly making a sequel to Adam … Continue reading

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News recap: Discotek for the win

Discotek really went insane with their latest batch of acquisitions at Otakon this weekend. First, license rescues of Galaxy Express 999 (good, since the last release of that show was awful), Giant Robo (one of the best OVAs ever made), … Continue reading

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Opinion piece: The top classic Godzilla monsters that Legendary should totally bring in next

Ever since Michael Dougherty teased that there might be some unannounced monsters yet to appear in Legendary’s MonsterVerse, fandom has been ablaze with hypotheses, rampantly speculating about their favorites that they’d like to see show up, such as Gigan, Bagan, … Continue reading

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