Nearly kaiju-free news recap?!

Another two-week summary here, since it’s been light. In fact, you’d hardly know there was any giant monster content this week if you weren’t looking for it.

  • Mappa’s upcoming adaptation of Dororo looks fantastic. No surprise there.

  • SSSS. Gridman now has a start date: October 6th!

  • Also on October 6: the Garo flick Usuzumizakura¬†(“Cherry Blossoms”), the follow-up to Crimson Moon.

  • Speaking of heroes with Masakazu Katsura designs, Double Decker is now streaming on Crunchyroll! Tiger & Bunny fans have been waiting.

  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind also has a trailer:

  • I’m not too wild about the recent live-action Blood C movies, but I guess I’ll watch the new one, Blood-Club Dolls1.

  • Gaoranger has a DVD set date: December 18. Hope they keep it up!

  • Tsuburaya is having an event for Halloween focusing on some of the Ultraman franchise’s evil Ultras, Darkness Heels World. Sounds like it could lead into more adventures for this group of baddies.

  • Hey, look, a new Samurai Shodown game! These games are based on Makai Tensho, and one of the most underrated fighting game series out there.

  • Lastly, there’s a fun little video featuring prolific creature designer Katsuya Terada.

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