Giant news recap

It’s been over a month since the last news roundup, due to numerous mundane responsibilities of life. Some of them were more fun than others, though, as I recently had the chance to be on Kaiju Transmissions (also linked in the podcast feed),  be part of a guest panel for Prehistory: A Traveler’s Guide, and even got interviewed for Toho Kingdom! I know, excuses.

Let’s look back at what all happened this month!

  • Thanks to LA Comic Con, information is starting to come out about Godzilla: Aftershock, the upcoming tie-in comic to next year’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

  • If a constellation wasn’t official enough for our favorite piece of popular culture, there’s also now a Godzilla fan certification exam! Remember, if you don’t get certified, you’re a fake fan.
    While we probably won’t spend fifty bucks to take the thing (even if they sell some exclusive merchandise inside), there is an official study guide text book that could be a fun thing to pick up.

  • Also, the children’s book Ganbare Chibi Godzilla, based on a design by Chiharu Sakazaki.

  • On a less Godzilla (but still sort of ) note, Criterion’s streaming service FilmStruck is shutting down at the end of November. Hopefully titles that haven’t gotten physical releases (e.g. Princess from the Moon, Iron Finger) find new homes.
  • Likewise, Crunchyroll is dropping Ultraman Max, Ultraman Mebius, Ultraman 80, and Ultraman Leo…a dark sign after they didn’t pick up Ultraman R/B. In other news, they’re ending their content-sharing with Funimation, which is certainly frustrating for fans.
  • Here’s another trailer for Kaiju Girls Black. With the Tsuburaya cutbacks at Crunchyroll, I wonder if they’ll pick this up?

  • Toei is producing a series titled Space Kaiju Gyalace. The trailer doesn’t show much, but apparently the writer worked on Lupinranger vs Patranger.

  • Here’s a trailer for an indie kaiju flick titled Aquatic Kaiju Yagon:

  • I think I missed this back in May, but here’s another micro-budget trailer: Headless Kaiju of the Long Night of Spiritual Darkness.

  • Milla Jovovich posted a first photo from the live action Monster Hunter movie. Have we mentioned that this is co-produced by Toho?
  • A trailer for the Taiwanese giant robot movie Baryon:

  • Legendary is working on a live-action movie based on My Hero Academia. Naturally there’s been all sorts of geekdom outrage, which I find silly since the source material isn’t as inherently Japanese as so many others seem to believe. If nothing else, I wonder if this can lead to a live-action Godzillo cameo.
  • The Psycho Pass SS anime trilogy is debuting at Tokyo International Film Festival. I wonder if they’ll get US theatrical releases like the previous movie did?

  • Hopefully the French-made Astro Boy Go is better than most other shows ending in the word “go”.

  • This trailer for Promare seems mostly to lean on people liking Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill.

  • Gou Tanabe’s adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness is getting a US release. We’d been hoping for it!

  • Not really genre related, but dang this French City Hunter adaptation looks spot-on.

I’m probably missing something, but there’s a lot to sift through. But, between Halloween viewings and the best anime season in ages, I think for now we’ll put a pin in it and come back next weekend (hopefully!)

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