Almost timely news recap

How was everyone’s Halloween? Did you have a chance to go to Universal Studios Osaka and get menaced by a zombie King Kong? (The page is gone now, but I saved this image beforehand.)

Anyway, on to the news…

  • Godzilla’s birthday was on November 3rd, so there was a Godzilla Fest in Tokyo to celebrate. Attendees were greeted with a new Shodai-Godzi suit, which is apparently being used as a promotion for an Eiji Tsuburaya museum opening January 11.

  • In “mountain out of a molehill” news, people freaked out that Tsuburaya’s website says that they don’t allow doujinshi of their work.  Of course they have to say “no” about unauthorized works if they’re asked flat out. The company has historically been pretty lax with fan projects (ask Minoru Kawasaki or Hideaki Anno how they kicked off), and game to license all sorts of things when approached properly.
    However, if they just say “sure, feel free to go nuts with our IP, no questions asked”, the next thing you know there’s another theme park in Thailand that TsuPro won’t see a dime from.
    There was some speculation that this is some move meant to combat the spat of erotic doujins out there for SSSS Gridman, which is ridiculous because (a) lewd Ultraman doujinshi have been around forever, and (b) Gridman has official products that look like this:

  • Andy Muschietti (It, Mama) has been tapped to direct an American live-action Attack on Titan adaptation. I’m curious.
  • Speaking of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama’s initial pitch from 2006 is online now. You can sort of see why Shonen Jump passed on it (the art ranges from passable to really bad), but there are flashes of inspiration and potential in there.

  • Psycho Pass: Sinners of the System looks pretty sweet.

  • Netflix is producing an anime titled Hero Mask. However, it’s not related to the manga Hero Mask, despite Netflix producing a couple of other titles (e.g. Ultraman, Sword Gai) from the same publisher.

  • The Price of Smiles shows that Tatsunoko can, on occasion, still make a show that’s not a nostalgia grab.

  • I was so preoccupied with Double Decker that I didn’t notice another show with Masakazu Katsura character designs was coming out: The Girl in Twilight. Have I mentioned what an insanely strong anime season is going on right now?

  • What better evidence is there that Funimation was just acquired by a major corporation than Dragon Ball Super having a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade?
  • The Eagle Talon cast dropped by Skull-faced Bookseller Honda-san for double the stilted animation and strange comedy.

  • You know how Evangelion had a train? Well, Ultraman now has a plane, courtesy of JAL. Feel free to bring that up the next time someone argues how unpopular the series is.

That’s a wrap for now, hopefully this time next week we’ll have some impressions on Godzilla: The Planet Eater!

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