Weekly news post (plus some photos from the Osaka Godzilla store)

It’s been a slow news week, but hey, at least Godzilla: The Planet Eater came out. It’s a wild ride with religious and Lovecraftian themes, body horror, even more implied horror, and mishaps. In short, other people will probably hate it, but I’m stoked. Amanda saw it and sent the a message reading “Schrodinger’s Ghidorah with special appearance by acid trip Mothra, brought to you by the author of human despair”, so make of that what you will. Some stuff from interviews in the program book:

  • Shizuno said that he didn’t want the human confrontations to be overshadowed by the kaiju battles, and that he finds kaiju smackdowns to be rather gauche.
  • Urobuchi claims that the character focus brings the anime closer to the original movie, which is really about Serizawa and the oxygen destroyer, not the monster.

On top of that, there was an article on Oricon that’s going around, in which Shizuno gets some credit for preventing Seshita and Urobuchi from having Mechagodzilla heads on the city turrets or having the Exif in the iconic Xillien visors. However, it was Toho that wanted to shy away from the monster-on-monster fighting aspect of the story.

Anyway, since this is a light week, let’s kick things off with some snapshots from Osaka, of the pop-up Godzilla shop that will be open until November 19 (after which one will have to go to the Tokyo Godzilla store, instead):

Alright, onto the news:

  • Toku Nation has a look at Redman: The Kaiju Hunter volume 2, featuring Redman Dark. Perhaps they should have gone with “Redman Dark Noir Black Schwarz”, if Ultraman R/B is to be taken as a template.

  • SSSS Gridman will be getting vinyl figures through the Strong Style Sofuvi Series (I see what they did there). The blue figure is an exclusive bundled with the Blu-ray, but I may get both seeing as how that show is phenomenal.

  • A new trailer for The Great Buddha Arrival:

  • Another trailer for The Price of Smiles, reinforcing our curiosity:

  • Netflix will be doing a Pacific Rim animated series (despite headlines, nothing seems to indicate that it will be “anime” so far). I’m just glad that this is manifesting in some form or another.
  • This trailer for School Live is sort of a spoiler, but there’s no getting around this premise without spoiling it. The poster is also amazing, as it nails the duality of the saccharine facade beautifully.

Well, that’s a wrap for now. As always, leave a comment if something got missed, and otherwise, enjoy watching SSSS Gridman on loop looking for more Easter eggs!

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