Biweekly news recap: This Thanksgiving we’re grateful for Detective Pikachu

It’s been a couple of busy weeks between Thankgiving and Anime NYC, but here we are again for another two-week roundup of Japanesey genre goodness.

  • First of all, RIP Stan Lee, who, in addition to Spider-man and other Marvel properties, also co-created several Japanese series such as Ultimo, The Reflection, and Heroman. What more can be said, he was a legend.
  • Also RIP Fred Patten, who was responsible for much of the introduction of Japanese pop culture scholarship in English. If you haven’t checked out some of his work, you should.
  • Out of absolutely nowhere, Ishiro Honda appeared as a character on an episode of Legends of Tomorrow. I echo the sentiments that Astounding Beyond Belief has in his review.

  • The Ultraman anime (based on the manga in Gekkan Heros) comes to Netflix April first. I’m really not digging the look based on this trailer….maybe it’ll get people off the backs of the Godzilla anime, at least. I’ve heard both that original Ultraman actor Susumu Kurobe is reprising his role as Shin Hayata, and that Zoffy voice actor Hideyuki Tanaka is in the role…I guess we’ll find out which is true when it airs, but either way is a cool throwback!

  • Apparently Funco Pops of Ultraman have been showing up at US Barnes & Noble stores. I thought that these were a Chaiyo product, so I’m vaguely curious what their status is. Again, most Pops are ugly as sin, but I might be persuaded to pick up a Kanegon.

  • A music video for Kaiju Girls Black. Crunchyroll’s current status with Tsuburaya remains a mystery, so fingers crossed this gets picked up!

  • You know that SSSS Gridman is real anime when they announce figmas and not Figuarts for the characters (never mind Kamen Rider Dragon Knight).

  • As awesome as that show is, there’s been some ugliness that may have been inevitable. Masami Obari has publicly accused SSSS Gridman of plagiarism, and, yeah, I sort of get it. The homages are pretty heavy, and after a point it does sort of turn into outright recycling of another person’s work.

  • MST3K‘s new batch of episodes over Thanksgiving included Atlantic Rim, an unexpected, but welcome, surprise. I watched all six and they’re great.

  • Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever looks like a fine way to end the Heisei era of Kamen Rider…assuming that they rebrand when the Heisei era ends.

  • The long -anticipated Garo: Gekkou no Tabibito (Moonbow Traveler), which is the Raiga solo flick, has finally wrapped. This trailer is from two years ago!

  • The original Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series (and movies) will finally be available in the states again, via Netflix! It’s weird that they dropped a trailer today for something this old coming in the spring, but Evangelion does like to copy what Ultraman does, after all.

  • Sometimes I think Nendoroid purposely seeks out the least appropriate things to make figures of. If they’d been around in the 90s we’d probably have chibis for Wicked City and Ninja Scroll, but now we have to settle for Goblin Slayer.

  • I assume everybody has seen the trailer for Detective Pikachu by now, but it bears repeat viewing.

Wheh! That should tide us over for a little longer. Until next time!

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