News recap: Come for the monsters, stay for the Netflix flogging and gender politics!

I’ve been procrastinating on another update until we can see the much-touted second trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but what the heck, everyone’s going to be posting that everywhere, so it can wait until next time. In the meanwhile, we did get a look at the various kaiju designs via their reveal at Tokyo Comic Con, though, and they’re glorious…well, maybe not Mothra…. she actually looks more like a suitmation effect than ever. But the others are on-point!

Other news:

  • The next Super Sentai series, Kishiryu Sentai Ryusouger, looks like they’re heavily thematically recycling from Kyoryuger: dinosaurs, no yellow ranger, only one girl, “ryu” right in the name, etc. That show was quite a hit overseas (even getting a Korean sequel series), so it’s not a surprise that they’d want to recapture that.

  • I had assumed from a trailer for Netflix’s Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac show that they were keeping things pretty faithful, but apparently they’re actually gender-flipping Shun. Aside from certain canonical issues with this (which series like Lost Canvas, Omega, and Saintia Sho have deftly side-stepped), it’s a pretty tone-deaf decision to decide that the gentle Andromeda saint in the pink armor is the one to make “the girl of the group”.
    Also, I’m not loving the animation; it’s giving me flashbacks to a certain Kong cartoon.

  • Speaking of gender issues, the Pretty Cure franchise recently made a move that’s been anticipated since HeartCatch‘s Cure Fire: a male Cure. Cure Infini debuted in Hugtto PreCure episode 42…now they just need to make Cure Fire a reality.

  • Getting back to Netflix, as you’ve probably heard, they’re the new stewards of the live-action Cowboy Bebop project. I feel like I’m in the extreme minority for not being outraged, but that series never really clicked with me in the same way it did everyone else.
  • Also, Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki were apparently not satisfied with just having a new Ultraman show on Netflix, since they’re also doing a new season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex for the service. The catch: Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 will be CGI animation. I’m not sure what this is about, whether someone decided that the show would be better if it all looked like the opening credits of the first two seasons, or if it was a move specifically for appealing to Netflix, which seems to have a disproportionate amount of CGI anime content, as is the trend in Western animation in general (I blame Pixar).

  • A new trailer for Mappa’s upcoming Dororo series.

  • And a new trailer for The Great Buddha Arrival.

  • Kraken is releasing Tokyo Living Dead Idol in March. This is a little confusing, since earlier this year a Section 23 employee told me that the imprint’s focus would be more vintage titles, but whatever, I guess. Hopefully they’ll still keep doing Garo and kaiju titles.

  • Discotek will be putting out the Tetsujin 28 movie Morning Moon of Midday in January, which has no canonical relation to the 2006 TV series, even though a lot of the same people worked on it. The film isn’t fantastic, but it does have a soundtrack by Akira Ifukube, for all you kaiju junkies out there.

  • Crunchyroll and [adult swim] are co-producing an anime series set in the Blade Runner universe: Blade Runner – Black Lotus. Considering the impact that the original movie had on anime, this is a no-brainer. (I wonder if they’ll have any references to Soldier?)
  • The director of 47 Meters Down is currently attached to the Resident Evil reboot. He might be able to take things back in the horror direction, but I’ll always love the Anderson series for its goofy action movie vibe.
  • An Ultraman R/B movie will debut on March 8, right on schedule with previous years.
  • Kiyotaka Taguchi is working on a TV drama for Yūbe wa Otanoshimi Deshitane, which is about a romantic couple who meet through Dragon Quest X. So, including Tokusatsu Gagaga, that makes two otaku shows starting next month?

  • I just finished watching the excellent drama series Oh My Jump this week, so it figures that there were two pieces of Shonen Jump news. First is that the J-World Tokyo theme park is shutting down, a shame since it’s a fun little site to stop by for a few hours. The second is that the English edition of the magazine is changing from a digital magazine (which you can purchase week-to-week on Kindle) to an unlimited streaming model. I’m habitually skeptical of streaming models versus the “actually owning them” model, but hopefully they release enough titles in physical print down the road to offset that (c’mon, I want a print edition of Ziga!).

That’s a wrap for now! As always, leave a comment if there were any glaring omissions. Until next time!

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2 Responses to News recap: Come for the monsters, stay for the Netflix flogging and gender politics!

  1. gojiguyar says:

    Shoulda waited a day, Kevin. Shoulda waited a day. ;)

    Also, I believe the first episode/chapter of Daikaiju Daikessen is up:

    And… Something else happened but I forgot. uhh Kaiju my dude.

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