First news recap of 2019!

Long time, no post! It’s been hectic between holiday travels and computer malfunction, but now everything’s ready to take a quick gander at some of the latest happenings in Japanese genre fiction.

(I’ll try not to jump to any baseless, hyperbolic conclusions, like the folks taking Into the Spider-verse producer Philip Lord’s joke tweets about Leopardon seriously, or the ones who think that the oxygen destroyer being in King of the Monsters is evidence of Destoroyah getting included as well….*throws shade*)

  • Kicking things off, we now have a trailer for Kaiju District Gyaras.  It looks fun, hopefully someone picks the series up over here!
    (I previously reported on this having a space monster, not sure what led to that conclusion; sorry!)

  • There’s finally a trailer for Tokusatsu Gagaga, one of the shows I’m most anticipating this season. Hopefully it does the manga justice, but so far I like what I’m seeing!
  • A trailer for the Ultraman R/B movie. Fitting for the series, the antagonist appears to be yet another evil Ultraman. What are the odds of Winkler doing an English dub of this one?

  • There’s going to be a 4-episode crossover miniseries titled Super Sentai Saikyou Battle, evidently with whichever former core Sentai cast members they could easily bring together for a team. Since Koichi Sakamoto is directing, I bet it’s going to be a hoot, but man, the franchise just keeps getting more and more tricky to track down all of the side pieces of. Like… would Shout Factory ever pick this up?

  • The Island of Giant Insects is getting an OVA. The original manga is not for the squeamish, but the uncomfortable nature of it is arguably what makes it horror, after all.

  • A teaser for the anime series based on the hit post-apocalyptic manga Dr. Stone:

  • One Cut of the Dead was bootlegged and uploaded to Amazon Prime by some unauthorized parties. While the incident may have damaged the impending legit release in the UK (via Third Window Films), I hope that the additional exposure could give the movie a better chance of being picked up in the US, as a silver lining to the whole affair. There are several suspicious titles on Amazon Prime that I suspect are similarly unauthorized, but I don’t want to cast aspersions.

Well, that should be relatively caught-up now….oh, one last thing! Make sure to check out Kaijucast’s Emergency Broadcast #8 next Sunday at 2 PM PST. I’ll be a “special guest”, along with ever-enthusiastic Matt Frank! Tune in; there are prizes!

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