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Kong Unmade: The Lost Films of Skull Island

I figured this could use its own news post: Kong Unmade: The Lost Films of Skull Island, the latest entry of John LeMay’s series on lost and unmade kaiju films is available on Amazon now! In addition to John’s usual … Continue reading

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Weekly news update: Independent kaiju film extravaganza!

Actually on time for a news post for once, but there’s much to discuss! The main thing of interest this week is Gemstone’s amateur Godzilla video contest. With a 3 million yen prize and Shinji Higuchi himself as a judge, … Continue reading

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Mid-March news recap

Apologies for the laziness in news recaps, lately. By the time I get around to posting, people have already said that Hideaki Anno is making an Ultraman, then that he’s not, then that he is, and then that he’s not … Continue reading

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Hero’s Comics on your screen

By now, everyone is aware of the upcoming Ultraman anime series hitting Netflix at the start of next month. The show is based on Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi’s manga, also simply titled Ultraman (available in the US from Viz), … Continue reading

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Maser Patrol podcast episode 41: Alita – Battle Angel

In this episode, Kevin, Benji, and Josh sit down for a spoiler-laden review of the long, long, long-awaited new Hollywood quasi-hit Alita: Battle Angel! We jump right into comparisons between the movie, OVA, and original manga, so if you haven’t … Continue reading

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