Mid-March news recap

Apologies for the laziness in news recaps, lately. By the time I get around to posting, people have already said that Hideaki Anno is making an Ultraman, then that he’s not, then that he is, and then that he’s not again, but hey, maybe this can cut down on the rumor roller coaster. Rather than trying to sift through everything, I think this time I’ll just post a bunch of stuff that’s either very exciting, or that not enough people seem to be talking about.

  • Apparently there are alternate covers for Godzilla: Aftershock, one by Christopher Shy and one by Art Adams. That seems like an odd (somewhat confusing) move for a full graphic novel, so caveat emptor.

  • Nobody’s really been talking much about it, but I did notice that Emanga has a bunch of their previously Kickstater-exclusive Osamu Tezuka books up on digital with a physical release coming soon. So, Space Giants fans, take note

  • Garo: Moonbow Traveler has been pushed back to fall. I think this is the longest period between a series and its spin-off movie in the whole franchise.

  • The guy who leaked the information that Jetman was getting a DVD release from Shout Factory is teasing something that looks a heck of a lot like Fiveman. It’s a logical choice for Shout to alternate between pre- and post- Zyuranger series, especially since Hasbro is currently adapting GoBusters, to keep from getting too close to the current era too quickly. (On the other hand, Dekaranger is now tantalizingly close…)

  • David Productions is doing a new adaptation of Spriggan for Netflix, continuing a trend of completely unexpected retro manga adaptations. Maybe this will motivate Viz to finally release the rest of the series, like they eventually did with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

  • A trailer for the upcoming postmodern superhero flick Farewell Great Warrior Together V, which deals with the aftermath of the conclusion of a Showa-style henshin hero series:

  • A trailer for Rise – Dharuriser the Movie, a local hero which is going into wide release in Japan soon.

  • Psycho Pass is getting a third season in October. Neither of the main characters appear to have appeared in the series before, so I’m bracing for backlash.

  • Arrow is releasing In the Aftermath, a New World Pictures bastardized recut of Angel’s Egg, on Blu ray. For those playing along at home, that’s two different western releases of In the Aftermath on BD, while its source material languishes on a long out-of-print DVD release. Seriously, why? Society’s basically eradicated Godzilla 1985, Tidal Wave, and Warriors of the Wind from the cinematic landscape, yet In the Aftermath just keeps on trucking….
  • A new trailer for Sadako, whose title will never not bother me.

  • This trailer for When You Wish Upon a Star leaves the monster stuff to the very end, but it looks like the monster suit showed up at Yubari.

  • Drifting Dragons, the manga about cooking dragon meat, is getting an anime from Polygon Pictures. I’m not really a fan of the manga, but hey, more giant monster stuff.

  • The music video for Union will give some additional context for SSSS.Gridman. The full thing is out on March 20, but the making of is already up.

I think that’s a wrap for the time being. Hopefully it won’t be another month before doing this again!

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