Weekly news update: Independent kaiju film extravaganza!

Actually on time for a news post for once, but there’s much to discuss! The main thing of interest this week is Gemstone’s amateur Godzilla video contest. With a 3 million yen prize and Shinji Higuchi himself as a judge, it’s no surprise that over 1000 people submitted their work, and some highlights are up on YouTube now… honestly it’s a bit daunting just to scroll through them all. Here are a few that caught my eye:

  • Gifu Godzilla looks like a movie I would watch.

  • Of course, with this many entries, there’s another Gifu-based one, too!

  • Lego Batman, eat your heart out, because Legodzilla is fantastic.

  • G vs. G is a solid bout between Godzilla and a lotta Gigans.

  • Blue Eyes reminds me of the unmade American movie, and the CGI work is lovely.

  • Remember Hironobu Nakashima’s Lequio vs. G fan film from February? It got taken down, but it’s back here!

  • The GekiGodzi puppets look like they’re in good shape after 15 years in Go-Go-Godzilla-kun.

  • Godzilla -demolition- is stylish as heck:

  • Record of the Arakamuna is quite atmospheric. Only a brief monster shot, but otherwise this could be like a legit modern Ultra Q episode.

  • This feels sort of like South Park.

Of course, there are fan projects on the Western front, too. Our pal Raf Enshohma is part of a new MST3K fan project, tackling a Gamera flick that the real show passed over:

And, some middle-school humor aside, one has to be impressed with this fan film about the island of unmade Godzilla projects.

On top of the fan films, though, independent kaiju cinema is booming:

  • Yoshikazu Ishii has a new project titled Attack of the Giant Teacher.

  • I was not anticipating a sequel to Giantess Attack, but Jeff Leroy surprises us all with Giantess Attack vs Mecha-Fembot.

  • The Great Buddha Arrival is getting an expanded cut with Akira Kubo in it.
  • The Asylum has a new movie in the works, now titled Monster Island… I’d complain about its ambiguity, but hey, it’s The Asylum.

Other news:

  • Minor King of the Monsters spoilers: a number of new kaiju names get dropped in this article and this one. They’re mostly named after stuff in middle Eastern mythology, with a single odd Australian one. Also, one of the names makes me envision a kaiju that just makes pro-Brexit YouTube videos.

  • Thunderbolt Fantasy has a new direct-to-video project (I think it’s a prequel?) in the works, presumably leading into season 3.

  • Polygon Pictures is adapting No Longer Human as Human Lost. Ten bucks says it shows up on Netflix someday.

  • Speaking of which, their trailer for Levius feels like someone saw Megalobox and went to the manga aisle looking for something similar to adapt.

  • The new One Punch Man promo looks exactly how one would expect when you hear that they replaced all the creative staff, yet people are still surprised…

  • Another peak at the new Humanoid Monster Bem looks snazzy as heck.

  • A trailer is also out for the Sorcerer Stabber Orphen remake. I’ve got mixed feelings about this one, but I guess the original wasn’t *perfect*…. (now, if there’s a Slayers remake, you’ll get a fight.)

  • The upcoming anime Machikado Mazoku seems like a fun premise, with the main character being a struggling demon who has to defeat a magical girl. Plus, it’s from the director of Cromartie High School, so even though it’s based on a four-panel manga, it might still feel coherent.

  • The upcoming ninja anime BlackFox is getting a tokusatsu prequel from Koichi Sakamoto. I have to admit, that’s an effective way of garnering my interest, if nobody else’s.

  • Good Smile confirmed their upcoming SSSS.Gridman kaiju sofubi again. Hopefully they’re not too pricey, ’cause I’m getting them all.

  • Speaking of Gridman merch, some of this stuff makes me seriously wonder if the folks making these products watched the same show….

  • Audio is actually being recorded on the fourth Evangelion rebuild movie. But, give it time, it could still out-delay Alita: Battle Angel if it tries hard enough.
  • This trailer for The Island of Giant Insects looks like they’re keeping it just as off-putting as the source material.

Finally, lots of season 2’s have been announced, and it’s pretty good news all around!

Also the website is up for Symphogear XV! That’s… the fifth season, not the fifteenth. It starts in July.

Wow, that’s a lot for just one week! Next week sees the start of the fiscal new year, so who knows what all that one may bring?

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