April news recap

Long time, no update, due to a relative shortage of stuff to talk about and general business. We’ll see how that holds up over the coming months; somehow I committed myself to a whopping six panels at this year’s G-Fest, so I could get pretty distracted! More details on that when the convention is closer, but in the meantime, what all did we miss? Well, I guess there was April Fool’s Day, with its Jet Jaguar teaser and new My Hero Academia movie poster…

The Netflix adaptation of ULTRAMAN also dropped, and surprisingly, people really seem to like it. Personally, I think it looks like a PlayStation game, but to each their own. I also got to catch a screening of The Legend of the Stardust Brothers, which is finally getting its cult-classic due, along with the sequel New Legend of the Stardust Brothers, in Philadelphia (the only screening ever outside of Japan for the latter).

Monkey Punch is one of many cameos in the film, so I should probably also mention that the Lupin III creator was one of two giants of the manga industry passed away this past week; the other being Kazuo Koike. Koike particularly hurts, since most of the articles on the subject talk about Lone Wolf & Cub, ignoring the fact that his manga school revolutionized the entire medium. Also, I wonder if his magical girl project he talked about back in 2011 will ever be realized?

*moment of silence*

But, what else is new?

  • Details have started to drop on Ultraman Taiga, the newest Ultra-series, debuting (as usual) July 6th. So far, I like what I see:

It’s still playing on nostalgia/legacy, but rather than the hero powering up using the powers of previous Ultramen, he’s got three Ultramen inhabiting his body, justifying form changes differently. The main one is Ultraman Taiga, son of Ultraman Taro (eh, whatever), but the other two aren’t even from M78: Ultraman Fuma is from O50 like Orb and R/B, while Ultraman Titus is from U40 (AKA the continuity of the oft-neglected 1979 The Ultraman anime)!

The human hero is part of an Earth defense team (EGIS), which is a nice return to form after the past three years as well. As team uniforms go, it’s on the boring side, but at least there is one.

Also, the evil Ultraman Treager, introduced in the R/B movie, is back as the villain. Recurring villains is another theme that’s been coming up in the shows lately, but so far successfully.

  • Deep Sea Monster Reigo and Deep Sea Monster Raiga have been licensed for distribution in the US. It’s my understanding that the company releasing them, SRS, tends to do very limited print runs, but anything has to beat the 20 copies of Raiga that director Shinpei Hayashiya brought to G-Fest once as the official method of distribution. Fingers crossed that they release the final film in the trilogy as well!

  • Gou Tanabe’s been working his way up to the big titles with his HP Lovecraft adaptations, and now he’s at the most iconic of all: Cthulhu! Everyone go buy his manga that’s been translated to increase the odds of this one coming over as well.

  • After years of waiting, we finally have a release date on the new Cencoroll! June 29th should be exciting….weird going back to Cencoroll after Digimon Adventure Tri, isn’t it?

  • One Cut of the Dead was picked up by Shudder, so one more reason to sign up. It’s apparently also getting an English-language remake, which seems like the most pointless exercise I’ve heard since the remake of Let the Right One In.

  • Here’s a trailer for the second Tokyo Ghoul movie, hitting July 19. They had to replace the lead actress, but other than that it seems to be going alright.

  • Another ad for Promare, and it continues to be the most Imaishi-looking thing that Imaishi’s made.

  • Two more live-action Rurouni Kenshin movies have been announced. Hopefully we’ll finally see the Enishi arc adapted into some other medium.
  • Discotek licensed City Hunter, as in 150 episodes and seven movies’ worth of anime. Really looking forward to Shinjuku Private Eyes, which played at Anime Boston this weekend.
  • Bt’X Neo is finally getting a US release. Amazingly, somehow Anime Midstream is continuing to operate.

  • The merchandise push for SSSS.Gridman continues to get stranger. For example, they’re doing figures of Akane and Rikka in swimsuits, but in *different* swimsuits from what they wore in the actual show:

  • Bandai is making a toy of the Shirimarudashi (“butt on full display”) figure from Crayon Shin-chan. As a big fan of the movie Legend of the Buri-buri Three Minutes Charge, I sort of really want it. Hey, only $24?

On that delightful note, we’ll wrap up the news recap. Until next time!

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