News recap: Ultraman Taiga trailer, Meister Titano, and King of Monsters music!

What’s this? A news recap only one week since the last one? Perhaps we can make this a regular thing; at any rate, this week is heavy on monster-related tidbits.

  • We have our first Ultraman Taiga teaser trailer. So far, it looks like they’re keeping faithful to the prior lore.

  • Yukiko Takayama’s 2075: Meister Titano’s Counterattack, a sequel to Terror of Mechagodzilla, has been on my list of possible fan translation projects for a while (was waiting for the issue to be thoroughly out of circulation first), but it looks like Toho Kingdom saved us the trouble!

  • Kaiju stuff is pretty well-represented in the Seiun Award media category nominees this year. Among the nine nominees, we have SSSS.Gridman, Dragon Pilot, Planet With, Ready Player One, and Pacific Rim Uprising. I’m betting Penguin Highway actually wins, though. (It’s also worth noting that one of the nominations for short translated fiction is titled “Cybertank vs. Megazillus”. I dunno exactly what that is, but I might try to find out.)
  • Mill Creek is releasing Mothra on Blu-ray. Looks like it’s keeping the same commentary from the DVD, but that steelbook packaging is a delight.

  • A stop-motion horror series Kickstarter campaign from the maker of Rilakkuma and Kaoru, titled The depth of Yagen:

  • That Hollywood version of One Cut of the Dead? Well, it might have just been this spin-off.

  • Some music for King of the Monsters dropped, with a familiar motif.

There’s also a BOC “Godzilla” cover by people from System of a Down and Deathklok, but, I don’t think it adds anything over the original song.

I think that’s a wrap for now. Until next time!

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