Godzilla’s Eve news recap

As of this writing, the first wave of public screenings for Godzilla: King of the Monsters is impending quickly, so it’s about time to discuss some of the stuff that’s been going on to publicize the film. First, some attractions that we’ve had the fortune to witness firsthand, includes the light-up statues outside of Toho theaters, an amusing giant burger promotion (not to be confused with this one or this one!), and the rather underwhelming Godzilla Store display at American Kinokuniya stores.

Of course, there’s plenty else out there, such as a giant 8-meter statue in China, a huge Godzilla head at the Arclight Cinerama Theater, some oversized Screen X showings, and four types of Godzilla booze.

While not technically a Legendary promotion, the timing of the upcoming Boss Coffee commercial featuring the 1954 is rather suspicious:

…which is only one of a couple amusing Boss Coffee ads lately, considering the latest batch with Tommy Lee Jones and Hiroshi Fujioka:

Also, the Godzilla Defense Force mobile game:

…and Godzilla’s gone back to the baseball field recently:

…and so has Sadako. (Japanese baseball clearly rules.)

In other news:

  • A new trailer for Garo: Gekko no Tabibito. It’s been quite a wait on that movie!

  • Toei has filed a trademark for Kamen Rider Zero One. This somehow manages to be confusing with both the original Kamen Rider (mostly just known as Kamen Rider 1) and Kikaider 01.
  • Anno Dracula 1999: Daikaiju is finally up for preorder. We reported about it back in January 2017, and it’s finally hitting this October.

  • An ad for the new Samurai Shodown. The classic game series is heavily based on Makai Tensho, so fans of ninja magic should totally check it out.

  • The poster for the Macross Crossover concert shows a disturbing lack of Macross Plus. But, I’m okay with the lack of Macross Zero.

He’s a known DC fan going way back, though:

Finally, RIP Makoto Ogino. While his manga never got released stateside, the Peacock King anime and two live action movies are highly entertaining.

Anyway, calling that a news recap for now. Seeya after King of the Monsters!

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