Quick news recap (no Godzilla this time edition)

With  G-Fest, NYAFF, and other exciting things right around the corner, this may be the last news recap for a while. I’ve already spoken about the numerous exciting movies playing at G-Fest (e.g. Attack of the Giant Teacher, Howl from Beyond the Fog, The Great Buddha Arrival), but NYAFF has some potential gems as well. For example, Hard-Core:

Anyway, on to the news:

  • As if The Asylum’s Monster Island wasn’t transparently riffing on Godzilla: King of Monsters already, the Japanese poster and title made it pretty explicit:

  • A teaser has leaked for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie, which is wild, since it’s over a year away. Anyway, I’ll be there opening day.

  • Netflix’s ULTRAMAN has been renewed for a second season, which will probably catch them all the way up to where the manga is at. Speaking of which, Bandai Premium has a pretty nifty HG figure set coming out with the main cast, though that 70 buck  price tag is a punisher.

  • Speaking of Ultraman, episode 0 of Ultraman Taiga has been posted online in anticipated of the new series.

  • No More Heroes 3 was announced at E3. I can appreciate any trailer with a henshin sequence.

  • George Takei is starring in season 2 of The Terror, which seems to be bringing the J-horror. It’s an anthology season show, so even without seeing the first season, one should be good to jump into season 2.

There are a handful of other little things, like a Golden Kamuy/Spider-man collaboration and a new Cyborg 009 manga, but I figure I’ll just leave it here for now. Happy convention season to all!

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