Quick news recap

I had a few spare minutes today, so here are some neat things that either came up in the previous week, or I simply neglected to mention last time.

  • The big news of the week is that Anno and Higuchi are teaming up with Tsuburaya and Toho for Shin Ultraman. The move makes sense given Anno’s obsession with the franchise and the phenomenal success of Shin Godzilla, but I’m surprised that they announced the film that’s this far out (2021), including the main cast already.
    It’s an interesting batch of dramatic actors who have just dabbled in effects pictures a little bit, including Takumi Saito (who was also in Shin Godzilla, but also Space Battleship Yamato and several Yoshihiro Nishimura projects), Masami Nasagawa (who played Mothra fairies in the Millennium series, and was in Pyrokinesis, Bleach, Gintama, I am a Hero, and Kingdom), and Hidetoshi Nishijima (who was in… Casshern, I guess. He was also the dub voice of Pikachu in the Japanese release of Detective Pikachu).
    It’ll be interesting to see how this movie develops!
  • Despite the prolonged dormancy of the Gamera franchise, the turtle recently popped up as a card in the Bahamut Greed mobile card game.

  • ¬†Pacific Rim now has a theme park attraction coming in Indonesia, “Shatterdome Strike” at Trans Studio Cibubur. Jakarta is a long way away, so it’d be nice if they could replicate this at other parts as well.

  • Another trailer for the Blackfox tokusatsu tie-in. I assume we’ll be getting the anime stateside, but the tokusatsu is a harder sell. The official website is bilingual in English, though, which is a good sign.

…or the silly trailer:

  • Arrow is releasing a Ring boxset in October with Ring, Rasen, Ring 2, and Ring 0. Unfortunately, they’re going with the cringey “Ringu” title, despite the fact that they previously released this same set in the UK under the “Ring” title. David Kalat’s commentary alone may make this worth upgrading from the old DVD sets.
    Now if we can just get the entries of the franchise that haven’t been officially brought over….

  • The US trailer for Tokyo Ghoul S, hitting North American theaters in September.

Okay, that’s a wrap. Now to plan vacation for real!

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