At long last, a news recap!

Long time, no post! It’s a busy time to be an otaku, as this last week saw the North American theatrical releases of Tokyo Ghoul S, Takashi Miike’s First Love, and Promare, which are all pretty fun (well, Promare was a tad cliche, but a lot of other folks really dig it). More broadly, since the last news recap, the solid Ultraman Taiga and Kamen Rider Zero One have started, the stellar Astral Chain dropped, and Discotek’s release of Juspion, not to mention the ridiculous hype that Symphogear XV has been dealing each week. But, bloggers gotta blog, so let’s take a look at some neat developments since last we recapped!

  • The coolest thing to happen while I was out was the premiere of the Gojiban series on YouTube. The result of that Gemstone competition from a few months ago, it’s a weekly puppet show in the style of GekiGoji, and it being easily available on YouTube is a blessing. (Aside from UNFIX it may be my favorite YouTube tokusatsu series.)

  • The most unexpected bit of news was that Toho’s Snow Man, banned from home video release for decades, is somehow getting an extremely limited Blu-ray release in Germany. It’s being put out by Marumi HighVision, who strangely don’t mention the controversy surrounding the movie in their post, but do call it a Gamera flick (?)

  • Unexpected in a completely different way: Hellboy taking part in Japanese pro wrestling, promoting the new movie’s Japanese release. There was also a crossover promotion between Hellboy and Devilman.

  • Mill Creek’s Ultraman releases are going to be coming fast and furious, according to this leaflet that’s circulating on social media. Reality looks just slightly off from it so far, with Geed and Orb coming in November, but Ultraseven in December. Walmart will have the Geed and Orb movies separately, if for some reason that’s all you want.

  • Toshiki Inoue is writing a Kamen Rider 555 spinoff manga about Kaixa, titled Kamen Rider 913. It’ll be interesting to see whether he’s as big a jerk in the manga as he is in the show; potentially entertaining if so.

  • SRS has licensed Attack of the Giant Teacher, doing the same thing that they did for Reigo and Raiga, releasing it on VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray. This is pretty fast, considering how the film premiered at G-Fest two months ago and only hit Japanese theaters last week; funny how low-budget independent movies get US releases so much more smoothly than bigger-budget Japanese effects films.

  • Minoru Kawasaki has a new kaiju flick on the horizon, whose English title is either Monster Seafood Wars (according to publicist Avery Guerra) or the more literal translation Three Monsters Gourmet (according to the crowdfunding campaign for the movie). The publicity linking the movie’s concept to Eiji Tsuburaya’s unused pre-Godzilla giant octopus movie pitch is a nice touch.
    The concept art looks like the movie might reuse suits from The Calamari Wrestler and Crab Goalkeeper, but we’ll see…also, it’s supposed to get a manga adaptation in Web Comic Gamma!

  • Another new ad for the Thunderbolt Fantasy movie:

  • By the way, if you’re craving something else along the lines of Thunderbolt Fantasy, another Pili show, War of Dragons, is on Netflix. If you watch just one puppet show on Netflix this year…well, make it The Dark Crystal, but if you watch another, you could do worse than War of Dragons.

  • Junji Ito’s Uzumaki is getting an anime miniseries adaptation for Adult Swim. The Junji Ito Collection got a lot of flak for adapting the hyper-detailed look of Ito’s manga to animation, so it’ll be interesting to see how this is received.

  • Detective Conan is getting a four-episode arc about a murder mystery taking place on a film set for “Daikaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba”. Both the kaiju spoof and the hero pastiche have featured in the anime before, but this is notably the longest arc to feature either…possibly worth lumping together and considering as a movie?

  • I was late to the party on Peter Tieryas’s Seiun Award-winning alternate-history dystopian scifi novel series United States of Japan, but they’re pretty interesting. The third part, Cyber Shogun Revolution, was announced for March.

  • Shudder added One Cut of the Dead, so if you haven’t checked out what the fuss is about, just watch it.

On that note, let’s call it a wrap for now. Hopefully the next news recap comes a little more quickly than this one did…otherwise I’ll have to start planning for Halloween. But, only time will tell what the world of Japanese-style genre fiction has in store for us in October.

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