Slow news week recap

Not a whole lot to report for the past couple of weeks, but here goes nevertheless.

  • Starting on a sad note, RIP Hiroshi Sagae. He had a lot of fantastic ideas, and was always an enthusiastic and friendly fellow, and it seems like he left far too soon. The silver lining is that his Gotouchi Kaiju project will continue without him, so his legacy will live on.

  • In happier news, SSSS.Gridman finally has a north American Blu-ray release incoming in January. There’s a standard edition and a deluxe one with an art book. It’s hard to say if that’ll justify the additional price for those who already have Japanese art books, but at least the deluxe one actually has Gridman on the cover.

  • Speaking of Gridman, the spinoff manga Hime & Samurai and Neon Genesis Junior High Student Diary just started. There are honestly too many spinoff manga for this franchise to keep track of them all!

  • Lupin III has threatened to steal Godzilla’s “treasure” in time for the kaiju’s 65th anniversary on November 3rd. I feel compelled to point out that the new Lupin movie, Lupin III the First, is directed by Takashi Yamazaki, a Godzilla fan who also included Godzilla in Always Sunset on Third Street part 2, though there’s also a new TV special with the legendary phantom thief.

  • Netflix has an upcoming children’s show titled Dino Girl Gauko, about a girl who can turn into a dinosaur when she gets upset. Seems like a fun enough premise…. I wonder if she’s related to the heroine of Kaiju Girl Caramelise?

  • Not sure about Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 based on this trailer, but it is interesting to see the franchise’s continuous evolution.

  • Speaking of other artist’s takes on Hyakkimaru, Rumiko Takahashi did a poster for Festival d’Angoulême that covers him and several other classics. It’s neat to think about how each of these titles may have inspired her work.

  • Yu Yu Hakusho‘s Yusuke is getting Nendoroid treatment. I wonder if they feasibly could do something like that with Toguro, seeing as how his head is so very small?

  • A promotional collaboration is underway for It with Mr. Osomatsu, because…yeah, I got nothing. This is way weirder than the Osomatsu/Ultraman collab.

That’s a wrap for this edition; until next time!

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