Two-week news recap: Godzilla turns 65 in style

November 3rd was Godzilla’s 65th birthday, and it was a wild Godzilla Festival in Tokyo this year.

  • The Nijigen no Mori theme park, best known for ziplines and a replica of the village from Naruto, is adding a life-size Shin Godzilla attraction. This looks like a pretty fun day trip for folks staying in the Kansai area, but I don’t know if anything will top Universal’s Godzilla vs Evangelion ride.

  • Professional cosplayer Enako got to make gijinka an official part of Godzilla marketing with her “Enagodzilla” exhibit and merchandise.

  • I thought Symphogear XD Unlimited couldn’t get any more awesome after that SSSS.Gridman crossover…now it’s got Godzilla showing up in game!

  • Several directors got on stage and discussed the movies that they had wanted to make. Bagan never really goes away…

  • There’s…whatever this is:

  • A Godziban live show:

  • Also, Godziban got an English dub, for one episode, at least.

Other neat stuff:

  • Mandarake is opening up a Sofubi specialist store. If you have the funds, swing by and pick up one of their ugly original Megagorilla figures.

  • We now have a video for the Osomatsu brothers meeting Pennywise as promotion for It Chapter 2.

  • A trailer for Dino Girl Gauko:

  • Finally, a trailer for the upcoming remake of The Grudge. Or, re-re-remake?

That’s a wrap for this week, until next time!

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