Kaiju-fied news recap

In a rare event, there was actually so much kaiju-adjacent news in the past week that rather than posting at the standard biweekly rate, I’m opting to do a recap today!

  • To start with, Minoru Kawasaki’s Monster Seafood Wars has a poster, giving us a first look at the actual kaiju in the movie, and a May 23 release date. If that is the Calamari Wrestler costume recycled, it’s been modified a little.

  • Toei and Shochiku have a new movie in the works titled Daikaiju no Atoshimatsu (“atoshimatsu” meaning remediation or cleanup), with a premise similar to Marvel’s Damage Control: the people who dispose of hazardous materials left by giant monster attacks. It’s from comedic director Satoshi Miki, so I assume that it’ll be another relatively low-budget spoof.

  • A little late since this trailer debuted in front of Sonic the Hedgehog, but Paramount’s animated kaiju wrestling movie Rumble debuts next year. It’s a very vague title, even if it’s arguably a multiple entendre.

  • Fukuoka’s local heroes will be crossing over for a new TV series Dogengers, starting in April. The series is handled by Fumie Arakawa (director of ToQger Returns and Zero: Dragon Blood), so it ought to be in reasonably good hands; unfortunately the appeal could be pretty limited for those not from the area.

  • I missed the announcement of GigaBash back in September, but apparently Passion Republic Games brought it to PAX for the public to try this past weekend. It looks like fun!

  • Platinum Games has a teaser for the the third installment of Hideki Kamiya’s “hero trilogy” (after the stellar Viewtiful Joe and Wonderful 101), and it looks heavily Ultraman-inspired. This ought to be excellent, given the pedigree.

  • Speaking of Ultraman and games, the official North American website for Ultraman launched, and it’s called Ultraman Galaxy, the same name as the 2013 puzzle game (not to mention potential confusions with Ultra Galaxy and Ultraman Ginga). Anyway, they announced another game there, one with another unfortunate name: Kaiju Kombat. Sounds like it will be a chess battler rather than ta fighting game, and forum members can try it out now….let’s see if Wizards of the Coast gets uppity this time, too.

  • Another Ultraman development was some new details from the Marvel comic series. It seems that they’re going for a straight remake of the original series, although there is at least one original character (“Kiki”) and the uniforms are different. Writer Kyle Higgins is beloved by Power Rangers fandom for his work on the Boom Studios comics in that line (for however much PR fans can be trusted) and writer Matt Groom’s Self/Made seems to have encouraging reviews, plus artist Francesco Manna is decent (NB: Marvel is promoting with Ed McGuiness Ultraman art, though).

  • Shifting to the toy collecting world, an unexpected piece of merchandise has been realized due to Redman’s meme-centered revival: A figure of the Redman version of Icarus-seijin. Now you can recreate your favorite slasher movie moments with our hero stalking the innocent alien through the bamboo forest!

  • Neca announced two new Godzilla figures at Toy Fair: 1989 and 2003. Since these are two of the most popular iterations of the character (especially of the ones not yet handled), it’s a bit of a no-brainer, but it is still a shame that Toho seems against them developing the more “off the beaten path” designs. Both will be hitting in June, so I imagine many will be seen at G-Fest.

  • I’ve been a little disappointed at the lack of decent figures for Zyuranger‘s space witch Bandra, but Hasbro has a decent one coming in August for the Power Rangers’ dub of that character, Rita. Of course, there’s a catch, or even several:
    • The figure comes in a two-pack with Saban-original character Lord Zedd. Since the Zedd figure has already been released, many PR fans are grumpy about this since it means rebuying the same figure, as well.
    • It’s a GameStop exclusive, and those can be notoriously sparse in terms of stock.
    • You’d be supporting Hasbro, who still haven’t gotten their Super Sentai DVD releases back up and running.

That’s a wrap for this week! Enjoy March!

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  1. Generic Kaiju Fan says:

    You forgot to replace some of the videos.

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