This is a news aggregate, review, and overview page for mostly Japanese-ish science fiction, fantasy, and horror media. If it’s got giant monsters, transforming heroes, super robots, or magical girls, odds are it’ll come through here. The focus is mainly tokusatsu, but anime, manga, light novels, video games, CD dramas, etc are fair game as well, as well as any gaijin properties in a similar vein.

Why do this, you may ask. Well, too often I feel like there’s a great segmentation, and rarely is everything brought together under one roof. Here you’ll find your Karate Bugman and Spectrumranger, your Mystery Beast Kaijuulla, and your Creepy Pale Ghost with Long Hair series all in one place, just without the more conventional romcom and jidaigeki stuff. The goal of this “interdisciplinary” approach is to expose folks to stuff on the fringes of what they’re aware of, on the off chance that they’ll find something cool that they wouldn’t otherwise.

News is done from a basically American point of view, so if something is getting a US release or an English translation for the first time, it’ll get mentioned, but there’s less enthusiasm for UK and Aussie releases; sorry!

Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Got an interesting news story, movie or comic suggestion for review, or idea for a podcast topic? Have a thought, complaint, grievance, or correction that goes beyond the scope of the comments box on each post? Drop us a line:

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